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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Finished the Chandelier

I received a delightful email from a blogger the other day that made me chuckle and truly just made my day.

She said that she'd seen my name and picture/logo around the blogs on comments but didn't think we'd have anything in common. Finally, she got up the nerve to come over and see what I did and was like. WOW! She then told me she loves how I write and loves my blog and photos of my home. I chuckled all the way through it because I've always said people don't know how to take me. While she was having issues with my calling others honey, sweets, chick, sweetpea, she finally decided to take a look after those sobriquets threw her off thinking I was something of a new wave beatnik. Nuuuuuu, not at all. What a sweetheart to confess she judged me wrong. I have definitely done this. I'm very opinionated, you know! I have also done the exact same thing. (As a matter of fact, one of the best friends I ever had was at first my nemesis.) She said she'll be back and that she loves my stuff and felt ashamed for judging. How generous and sweet of her to admit it even though we'll probably never meet. I think I'd found a new friend and I want to thank her profusely for giving me a glance and chance! :-)

Time gets away from me sometimes when I'm reading a good mystery. Ever happen to any of you? Well, it definitely does for me.

But anyway, while taking a break from a book recently I finally got to finish the froufrou-ing up of the white painted wrought iron chandelier.

You can still see the hot glue strands I neglected to pick off.

I used 3 different kinds of ribbon, then glued paper roses to each candle holder arm.

I have a plethora of tiny pink roses so I glued one to each candlestick. Okay, let's be realistic here—I probably won't ever light these candles. ;-)

I then put a candle wreath in the center with a rose. I may put another one or two on there also and I wrapped the top with white garland. A pink ribbon is attached to hang it from the ceiling.

It was really windy when I photographed this just as the sun was over the peak and before it set for the evening.

And this is the final result.

I really do like to get photos of it in different locations with different lighting so here are a few more. I beg forgiveness. ;-)

Okay, I added a tiny rose to each of the strands of hanging pearls and also a larger one to the wreath in the middle.

And as the saying goes: The rest is history. I looked all over this place for a spot to put it. I first thought I would hang it in the guest bathroom but that just wasn't going to work out. No matter how high I put it, it was still too low and the beads would have grazed and graced the heads of visitors. :-)

And, yes, I did bring the fancy prom dress in from the office to our bedroom. I thought it would look nice in here for a change.

And while it looks a bit crooked, it probably is. But I haven't adjusted the candles in it while up on the bed. I got off the bed backwards, and since it is so high, promptly almost fell on my bum while attempting this and it was NOT a pretty sight seeing an old lady totter backwards so to keep my balance! Trust me. I have no clue how I managed to maintain my dignity. So I'm not adjusting for a while, but it is also handmade so there's a good possibility it isn't perfect. It only adds to its charm for me that way.

And, yes again, those are my purple socks on the floor next to my side of the bed. And, yes, Love Bunny asked if it would stay here (the chandy, not my socks). I said, "Yes!". . . for a while anyway. ;-)