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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Practicing My Photo Skills

I love doing photo shoots but I have absolutely no desire to pursue a career with it at this stage in my life! They are fun and a learning experience. I had a friend come over thursday after I put out a "plea for help" on her blog. She's learning photography and PhotoShop and showed me a few new skills, which I proceeded to promptly forget! *Sigh*...................

Anyway, I thought I'd try some close up photos while playing around with the exposure, contrast, shadow, tint, saturation and temperature. I play with it constantly to get the photos right but not really experimenting with it in a deep way. I'm pretty good at the light settings, etc. so I wanted to play around with the close up and cropping. Here are my results with just a tad of explanation.

The first 2 photos below are where I played about with temperature, saturation and tint. Pretty cool, huh? Whole different color!

Here I was going for an upclose "texture" feel for the photo.

Also here. Enlarge pix to see the texture better.

Can you guess what this is up close? ;-)

Katie's up close roses.

An embroidery I did or my daughter. Not sure since it's very old. She is a career businesswoman but loves LOVES crafting and embroidering. She's better than me!
There will be more in the next few days. I want to see texture in these photos. Old/new, rough/smooth, light/dark. Just experimenting, my sweet chicks.

I received these awards several days ago and just left them on my desktop on this computer until I could get to them, but just haven't had time to put them on so we'll do that today. I am always soooooo appreciative when someone deems me worthy of awards. So first of all well do the "I love your blog" award from vintagegirlatheart and booksandlife and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtfulness.

I've done this once before and sadly to say I'm doing it now. I've forgotten who gave me this award! But it's a Kreativ Blogger award. I have to tell 6 things that make me happy.
Being with my husband makes me happy. That might sound old-fashioned but it's absolutely true. I enjoy our time together a LOT !

I truly enjoy blogging. It's a creative outlet for me and keeps me young and "thinking" of new things to try.

Decorating my home makes me very happy. I'm just a nut for trying different things and creating beautiful things to make it a "celestial" home here on earth.

Cold Stone Creamery Mocha Fudge ice cream. I love to just feel it on my tongue and taste it and eat it with no nuts or sprinkles. I'm not found of "chewy" things in my ice creams. I just like to squish it with my tongue and feel it rolling around in there. :-) Nothing on earth like it!

I love learning new things to do on my Mac. I'm such a techie person and love reading books about computers and what all they can do. Robin Williams (the girl, not the actor) writes the absolutely best instruction manuals for Macs I've ever read. If you can't learn from this chick, there's probably no hope for ya. She's funny, cute, simplistic in teaching, repeats and repeats (much to my joy) and wears hats or chapeaux!

Quiet makes me happy. We live in a quiet house in a quiet neighborhood. We don't have a television but I do listen to the radio once in a while. But for the most part hubby and I are very quiet people. And I like that. I don't like "noise" and have to have it absolutely quiet when I read - no background noise at all. I do, however, sleep with a sound machine of falling rain.