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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Going Shopping Can Be Hazardous to Your Health!

I went shopping the other day, but it wasn't pleasant prepping for it.

Hubs was gone already and I had showered and was drying my hair and all of a sudden I heard this very loud pop and a bright light flashed. Blow dryer promptly died! Not just died, but blew up. But I had no electricity in either of the bathrooms after that so this is pretty much how I left for the day. Okay, so I look like a scared rabbit (sorry SusieQ) and my eyes are still glazed over—like in this video shot from my iSight cam—but I went anyway.

Here is the culprit that took away probably a year off my life and I don't have too many left so I'm frosted about that, chicks.

It's toast. Luckily, being the OC/DC woman that I am, I had a brand new backup one under the sink. But no electricity to use the curling iron. Hubs fixed it when he got home but that's another looooooong story! Later maybe.

I've been seriously thinking about a new sofa—ME, not hubs. So I dropped into the Ethan Allen showroom in Boise and looked around. I knew the style I wanted and thought I knew the fabric but the 3 I picked out were discontinued. Now, I bought my sofa in 1995 from them and it looks as new as the day I bought it. I'm very careful with my things but we don't have the traffic that someone with little kids would have, so it looks excellent.

My dilemma, besides convincing Love Bunny we need (translated: I WANT) a new sofa, is what to do with the old sofa in the living room. I love it and don't want to sell it but after 15 years I want a change.

But I also love this sofa cover on the one in the family room. The sofa underneath is not as expensive or good as the living room one so I'm thinking of putting the one in the living room in the family room and covering it with the green stripe slipcover because I can wash it and it's heavy and pretty and I love it.

While I was in the Ethan Allen store the interior decorator showed me a sofa that they were trying to get rid of to make way for new styles. It was a lovely style, 97" long, down filled, but it was navy blue. That's not a color that would go with my decorating scheme but it was a $3,500.00 sofa marked down to $1,000.00!! Noooooo, I didn't get it but that was one heck of a deal. EA furniture is tops in my opinion for the price you get superior, quality furniture.

But she gave me a small catalog—nothing like they used to give me—and it had this room in it. Be still my heart!!!! Isn't this gorgeous? Pink! I can't imagine a man thinking this is "just a woman's room" because it is simply romantic. I know MY man loves "romantic" stuff.

Now I think I'll just tease you with some delightful photos.

A petticoated bedskirt adds charm to any bedroom no matter what its style.

Simple pleasures: a beautiful rose in a tin can.

Fill your sachets with straw, fragrance them with oils and hang them around your house. I use something special for my sachets but no one has ever guessed yet what I use. It's organic so no allergies to it but I've never heard of anyone else using what I stuff mine with and it absorbs the oils well and keeps them fresh for a loooooong time.

Random Thought:

The unruly children running amok in Wendy's the other day were certainly not as charming to the other diners as they were to the grandma who was treating them to burger, fries and ketchup the other day! Keep that in mind, grandmothers.