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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Simply Eye Candy 6/16/2012

I just thought this basket of things from the garden and woods was cute as a centerpiece. Could be for summer or winter.

Country setting for a dinner with onions as a centerpiece. Use your imagination for things like this. Your imagination is always better than something you might have bought in a store and paid dear for.

This is a cottage somewhere on the east coast, probably on Cape Cod, where my sister-in-law and her hubby live.

I’m not sure where this darling cottage is located but it looks very English to me.

This is for all of us lovers of hydrangeas, geraniums, star jasmine (wonderfully fragrant) and roses. All my favorites! Geraniums remind me of California, where I spent most of my life and they grow prolifically, and hydrangeas are just simply beautiful.

I plan on trying this on a wall in my living room. I have the makings to do it. Beautiful!

That’s a chocolate pot, not a teapot. I love the setting though. Cupcakes and tea? Ooooh, yeah!! I only drink herbal tea though—orange spice.

Love the yellow and pink spread, to say nothing of the bed frame. ;-)

Colorful entrance in Mexico or Italy from the looks and color of it.

I’ve posted this chair before I think but I don’t care. I love that cover and will try to make one like it as soon as I get the chairs I want. Soon, very soon!

White house, black trim and green door. In the next few years, mine will be that color except for a red or fuchsia door. I can promise you that! I love white houses with black trim and a punch of vivid color on the door.

Summer cottages with darling striped awnings. So summer!!

Another cute vignette.

Now, these are from our garden out back the last few days of May. Hubs is holding them clumped together and they smell wonderful.

These peonies are huge, let me tell ya.

This clematis has 2 stalks, hence, the 2 different blooms. I like it because of its uniqueness though. Very pretty in person.

Very pretty formal entrance, even though very inviting.

I plan on doing this for my next dinner party—bunches of different heights of bouquets, probably from our own garden.