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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Puttering Kind of Day

Ever had a day when you just wanted to "putter" around the house? I have them frequently and today was one of those. I started in my office/craft room.

I've started by re-doing the wall. I have sooooo many things to hang in this house that there is barely a wall without something on it. But since I spend a great deal of time in this room I put a lot of treasures I've gotten from friends in here. Do not notice the pillows on the floor! Aaaaacckkk!!! I spent the last 2 days taking pix of pillows to put on my store on ebay - over 150 photos to take edit, put up on Photobucket, put into template and post - haven't posted anything yet so that's within the next week or so. But this room is definitely not done.

Here is my little feather tree that I've put some of the tags I've received from the most talented women on ebay. Aren't they just stunning? I'm so lucky to know these women.

Just a close up look at them.

Another side of the tree. That one is handpainted by Lorena so check out her stuff on etsy.

Another view of the tree.

And this?? Well, this is a trellis I've had for about 10 years or so but kept trying to "hide" it in rooms other than "public" rooms. I decided that if I like it then who cares if it is in a public room instead of a "private" room in my house? I like it and that's all that matters. So I've put it in the back of an etagère in my living room to sort of hide the back. Plus I can hang more stuff on it! Hah. Okay, I've started with lovely and beautiful things that have been sent to me or I've purchased from my friends. Rhea made that adorable little ballerina box or diorama. And as my day goes on I've just been putting things up there out of my way till I find where I want them to go. But I may just keep everything there so I can see it as I eat in the dining area, which is just this side of it. I like having beautiful roses and lace and hearts to view. And aren't they gorgeous?!?!