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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sharing My Roses!

I just seem to be on a "rose" kick lately! Sorry. :-) But I received the Jackson & Perkins catalog last week and cannot stop looking at their roses. They have some absolutely gorgeous varieties this year. Above I'm posting 3 pictures of 2 different silk roses that I bought several years ago. The ruffled one I've had for many years and is quite pretty. The other more rose bud looking one I purchased at Joann's fabrics and it has fooled everyone who has ever seen it. It looks exactly like a real one. I think I'll put a few drops of rose oil on it in the bottom of the bud so that it smells like a real one also. Please "click to enlarge" to see how real they do look. They are stunning. I have several bouquets in my home and just love them!