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Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Skill at Baking Bread~

I have never ever professed to be good at baking bread! I've even had a couple of different women in 2 different wards we've lived in try to show me how. I even have tried doing it in the bread maker. I had a box of a wonderful bread I made the other day to eat with some beef stew. (It was canned. Sunday is a day of rest for us so we do really easy meals.) I kept using a flashlight to look into the breadmaker to see how it was doing. I finally told hubs that it wasn't looking very good for my "domestic skill" of baking bread even with the help of an automatic appliance. Could it be that the box had been in food storage since about 2005 and the yeast had "gone bad"??? Below is how it turned out. If you laugh, DO NOT EVER VISIT MY BLOG AGAIN! I've tried and tried and this is what I get. We ate it, which is even sadder! It wasn't too bad just a bit......uuuhhhh, heavy(?). Your monitor is NOT distorted. The bread was about 2" tall! So I ain't Molly Mormon; adjust! *Sigh*........