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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Roughin' It!!!

Those who know me intimately know what I mean by "roughin' it." Now, I've seen some of the chicks on some blogs with 1957 travel trailers made up to look like shabby chic cottages and to tell ya the truth, pardners, that idea appeals to me. Yep, sho 'nuff does. Some even come up here to Idaho and spend time in their "cowgirl" trailers. I admire them immensely. (You are hearing a "but" here, aren't ya, sweet chicks??)

Yep, for me roughing it is sleeping in someone else's bed, using their bathrooms, eating their food and being in their houses. Motels included!!

Well, that pretty much describes my last 12 days. Sigh.............. Being without my Oil of Olay body wash, not being able to brush my teeth with my electric toothbrush (not room for anything besides a regular brush), not using my water pik, not being able to shower every day because we're so busy running in the car taking someone somewhere or shopping, not being able to turn the a/c to 68 degrees (the perfect temp. in my opinon!), sweating(!!!!!), using truck stops to go to the bathroom. (Here I absolutely must post an aside: To those of you whose hubbies are truckers you should kiss their toes to have to put up with the places they have to go into to get food and use the toilets. They must love you a lot to do that to earn money. My hat is off to those men. We were at one today because Love Bunny simply had to GO and that was the only place on I80 through Nevada at that particular moment, which was becoming crucial! We decided to get food while using the "bathroom" and they had a Subway and Taco Bell. The woman at the Subway said it'd be a while because she had to make 10 subs. We decided on Taco Bell and they had run out of beans, chicken and steak!!! Can you believe it? And so we just ordered soft tacos and they looked highly suspicious, I tell ya!!)

Anyway, on with the roughing it. We drove into the garage, emptied the car, unwrapped all the things we packed ever so carefully and then I jumped in the shower and scrubbed myself thoroughly TWICE to get clean. I slathered my body with shea butter and here I am!!!!!!! I always say "never again" but if I want to see my kids and grandkids I gotta do it at least once a year. Below is a little sample of what I didn't show you while we were down in Calif. Cute little pots and pix. I just loved those cottage pictures! Aren't they cute?

Ooooh, did I say that I've missed y'all?!?! Well, I did. More tomorrow before I go get my massage!!!