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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Spirited Serene House

It's April Fools Day! But I don't usually fool anyone.

I was wondering the other day how many of you bloggers actually read my sidebars. It's there you know for a reason. You can see what I like or dislike, what I looked like many years ago and what I look like now, a bit about my life before moving to Idaho, a few tips on blogging, etc., a place to go to see my laundry room, family room, my white and pink Christmas tree I decorated one year, to look at what I like to read, pillows I've made, lamps I've decorated, a tribute to our Marines, etc. In essence, do you get the flavor of me?

The two things I don't post about are politics and religion, at least anything that might be contentious. Oh, I may throw in a saying or two once in a while, but this is a serene home, and I wish to be kind and gracious to people who enter my home (my blog is an extension of my home). So you'll rarely, if ever, see any contention here. My hubby and I live a pretty quiet life. That is not to say we're not spirited people. Oooooh, noooo. We definitely are spirited! We fuss, struggle and push/jab each others buttons on a regular basis. But we love each unconditionally and wholly. We're committed to each other now and eternally. So now you know a little bit more about me. ;-)

Of course I fell in love with this antique door knob with key lock on a red door so I thought I'd share it with you.

A painter's drop cloth could be used as a chair cover and look just as lovely as this chair does, plus it would be much cheaper than anything else.

The light coming through the windows on this yellow curtain is what drew my attention.

Yep, my kind of bed.

Looks good enough to eat. ;-)

This is pretty but it makes me dizzy looking at the yellow dots.

Just think of the possibilities a swath of netting can lend to your decorating. I use it lavishly around my home—bedroom, dining room and office. And it is very cheap to use.

Is it time for a snack and some lemonade yet? Yes! Go get some and enjoy.

Another McKenzie-Childs type sofa. I love their style.

I normally use the shower but once in a while I want a tub soak. When I do, I take a book, my glasses, a scallop shaped back rest and read. I love soaking. I just wish I could find a holder that would go across our garden tub. It's quite large and wide and nothing has fit so far. I may have to get hubby to make something acceptable to me, not too heavy or cumbersome.

Another dream dining room of mine. I'll never have a sun room but if I did, I'd want it to be this gorgeous.

Isn't this back yard patio lovely?


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Photos courtesy of tumblr and pinterest.