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Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Chandelier Shades

I got a new chandelier last year and hubby didn't think it would go in our little humble home (or cottage as I affectionately call it) when I bought it. Little do men know!! Anyway, after putting it up and adding my decorations he finally said it looked beautiful in there - without me even asking what he thought! So I've been trying to find just he right shades for them. I finally did on Bertie's website. They just arrived this morning and I put them on and WOW do they make a difference in the room. They have little roses, lace and beads, but what makes them truly unique is that they are made from vintage wedding gowns. Oh, my are they stunning!! It is very difficult to get good pictures in this room at this time of day (morning) but you get the idea. Thank you so much, Bertie!! I truly do love them.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Puttering Kind of Day

Ever had a day when you just wanted to "putter" around the house? I have them frequently and today was one of those. I started in my office/craft room.

I've started by re-doing the wall. I have sooooo many things to hang in this house that there is barely a wall without something on it. But since I spend a great deal of time in this room I put a lot of treasures I've gotten from friends in here. Do not notice the pillows on the floor! Aaaaacckkk!!! I spent the last 2 days taking pix of pillows to put on my store on ebay - over 150 photos to take edit, put up on Photobucket, put into template and post - haven't posted anything yet so that's within the next week or so. But this room is definitely not done.

Here is my little feather tree that I've put some of the tags I've received from the most talented women on ebay. Aren't they just stunning? I'm so lucky to know these women.

Just a close up look at them.

Another side of the tree. That one is handpainted by Lorena so check out her stuff on etsy.

Another view of the tree.

And this?? Well, this is a trellis I've had for about 10 years or so but kept trying to "hide" it in rooms other than "public" rooms. I decided that if I like it then who cares if it is in a public room instead of a "private" room in my house? I like it and that's all that matters. So I've put it in the back of an etagère in my living room to sort of hide the back. Plus I can hang more stuff on it! Hah. Okay, I've started with lovely and beautiful things that have been sent to me or I've purchased from my friends. Rhea made that adorable little ballerina box or diorama. And as my day goes on I've just been putting things up there out of my way till I find where I want them to go. But I may just keep everything there so I can see it as I eat in the dining area, which is just this side of it. I like having beautiful roses and lace and hearts to view. And aren't they gorgeous?!?!

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Sweet Collection

I collect a lot of "things" - especially if it is "eye candy"! Hmmm, I've never collected husbands though - still on the first after 47 years. Anyway, no matter. I do have several collections. My sweet hubby, Jack, would tell you that my fabric collection tops the list, but truthfully, I've seen women with far more fabric than I have! Mine is just a drop in the hat compared by my sister-in-law's stash.

But I love beautiful pitchers. I have more than these below but these are the prettiest ones. So I thought I'd show you some of them. I decided to group them together as collections should be. I don't always follow my own advice but in this instance it does present quite a show.

This is a burgundy lacquered sofa table in my small "entry way" and that term I use loosely because you're right in my living room when you enter - the effects of downsizing, but much, much easier to clean this house than the last one which was about 3 times as large. So I put them on there as a group.

The one on the left is a MacKenzie-Childs look-alike and that's why I bought it. I love their pitchers but this one was a fraction of the cost. The little blue one, 2nd from left, is a darling blue raised fruit pitcher. The 3rd from left is a majolica one I purchased on ebay several years ago and when I received it and opened the box I actually gasped at the beauty of it. So did Jack! It is stunning in real life. The 4th from left is covered with roses; therefore, I had to have it! The 3rd from the right is just an adorable one with a polka dot bow and a rose but very unusual looking. The 2nd from right is again roses but the colors are a bit unusual but it has a graceful feminine line and so it had to be in my home! The 2nd from the right is also a very unusual one because of the top part which is flowers but the bottom almost looks like a basket weave and the handle reminds me of a twisted rope. The vase on the right is an unusual color of green - almost lime - but it is also lovely and had to be in my home also.

So enjoy the close ups below that I've put on here for you to see.

The little "boxes" are another thing I love to collect. Those I got at Macy's, which is my favorite store in the world.

The little bowl on the left matches the pitcher so I just filled it with faux grass and added roses to it. I'm a rosy kinda chick!! Hah......

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's This?!?!?!?! Hmmmmmm?????

Jack just drew a name and the winner is:




I have an ebay group that I just love! I call them my "chicks/chickadees/chickies" or sometimes "bunnies" because they love chicks and bunnies. Anyway, I've been trying my best to come up with something to give away. I found this little plate in a boutique sometime back and just loved it. It didn't have the chick on it. I got another plate that day that did have a chick on it but no roses. There was only 1 plate with the chick. I'm keeping it! :-)

But anyway, I've finally thought of something I can do. I'm decoupaging the plate with the little chick. It took a bit of maneuvering to do it but here it is in its first stages. That little chick and the name is put on there today with just a bit of .............uhhhh, maybe you don't want to know. I'll wash it before I do the decoupage, girlees!!!!!!!!! Okay, so this is the giveaway. I only have 2 of those roses plates and one is MINE!!

Okay, soooooo a giveaway, everyone! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and you'll be entered into the giveaway for saturday's drawing! Now, what could be easier, chicks?????

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bunny Plate & Petit Four & Faux Cake!

I just felt like making this petal cake today. Isn't it cheery? This are on ebay also. It made me feel like spring is definitely on the way!

Easter is almost here, chicks and bunnies!! I found this shabby little plate at a boutique in Boise a couple of months ago and couldn't resist buying it. I got a chick one also but I'm keeping it. This bunny plate just went up for sale on my ebay site. BUT the strawberry and petit four are included!!! Not, how can you beat that. It is so cute and cottage looking. I almost hate to part with it but I am.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I loved Ireland when we visited in the 1980s. And they love Americans. I think it is because most Americans have Irish relatives still in Ireland. But three things, actually four, stick in my mine about Ireland. And yes, it is green everywhere - a bright emerald green and all year long too.

One is that every time you buy something or give them money to pay for it, they say "that's lovely." They all say it! Just their way of saying thank you.

The 2nd thing is the Cliffs of Mohr. They are so high from the ocean when you are standing on them that you look down on the birds circling around. But they are magnificent.

The 3rd thing is their small towns. They have more small towns than large towns in Ireland and they are quaint. Just like being in an old "English" movie. And everyone shines their windows even in the rain. Plus we saw more lace in the windows than any place I've ever been! Beautiful bright, clean, crisp windows with Irish lace in them. They have shabby chic in all their homes but just don't know it!! Wonderful to be in an old Irish home and partake of their hospitality. And I can't remember any town we passed through that didn't have a castle. Castles are everywhere there.

The other thing is they burn "peat" for fuel. The pix above shows men harvesting it for their daily supply. It looks and feels like earth because it is "earth" but it burns in their little fireplaces and stoves. I found that just amazing! It's usually a little bigger than a red brick but it smells so earthy when burning it. I loved that. And they seem to have an never ending supply!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Roses & Easter Arrived Yesterday!

Oh my gosh, look what arrived in the mail yesterday for me! Some things I ordered but some were just a "gift" from Rhea and what a surprise. Just meander down and take a look!! I was sooooo excited that I forgot to take pictures until I was reminded. I had already hung some of these things on my lattice (thank you, Miss Rhea! :-) ) so I had to take them all down and put them on the kitchen counter to photograph.

First, there are the parchment roses I ordered from Lori and they are lovely.

Then some little millinery "posies" from sweet Rhea. A "bling" C - my initial, some little white plastic hearts, tags, birds and a cupcake.

Would you just look at these sweet chicks?!?! I call all my gals "chicks" because we really a gaggle of chicks!! Hah! Look that word up and it means: informal or disorderly or noisy group of people. Yep, that's us chicks!! Right on the nose!

Another shot of the little tags.

And theeeeennnnnn we have some sweet little birds in their own little white tissue nest. How cute. And notice how sweetly Rhea wraps them. I think I'm gonna take a clue from that and wrap better when I send something.

Now, the sweetest thing of all!!! A non-caloric cupcake (eye candy for us computer people......hah! I love eye candy!! Isn't he too cute? I've named him Mr. Ed - not after the old show by that name but after sweet Rhea's hubby who is not only a hunk but a really sweet guy......according to Rhea, of course, and she would NOT lie about that, trust me!!

And looooook at this cloche!! It's tiny but so adorable. I just love it because of it's tininess and look of fragility. The rose is under there for now but I'm thinking of other things to go under it also. I'm so glad I got it!

When I first opened the package and saw these I thought they were giant lollipops! Oh, be still my heart......candy?!?! So I opened them up and here's what they actually where. Are they not adorable?!?!?!?! Maybe even better than candy because I won't eat these up. Hah!

And just to keep some of you up to date on my office/crafts room this is how far I've gotten in a week or two. Pathetic, huh??? I'm still working on it though.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

What Is It About Men?! or DUH!!!!

Last week I cleaned the house: vacuumed, swiffered and mopped the floors. Now, for those of you who do not know me, this is a big deal! I'm really not into cleaning but I love a clean house, have no maid, so guess who gets the job?

Hubby was out in the garage trying to get that 3rd car garage turned into a train room and it has been raining and he went to run an errand to Home Depot and came back. While the little "love bunny" was gone (my friend in northern Idaho came up with the term "love monkey" for her hubby and I love it but didn't want the two guys to get confused so I call Jack my "love bunny"). While love bunny was gone I made this sign for him to just give him a clue that I'd been hard at work while he was out spending money. See sign above.^^^

So in came the "love bunny" and I looked at him and said in a sweet calm voice, "Love bunny, you have your shoes on!" Okay, so it wasn't so sweet and calm. I yelled at love bunny, "what are doing with those mudtrackers on?!?!" He looked at me and said "what?" I asked him sweetly.........okay, not so sweetly.......didn't you read the fluorescent shocking pink sign at eye level on the garage door coming in to the house???? He looked at me and said, "what sign?" I took love bunny by the ear to the laundry room/garage door and showed it to him. He said, "men don't see pink" and left it at that. Sigh....................................I just wanna cry.

Must click on sign to see what it says.............oh, your hubby will definitely not see this sign if he's looking over your shoulder.

My Six Word Memoir

Celeste tagged for me a memoir in just 6 words. I think it would have to be this:

"I've lived a happy humorous life."

and I have!

Friday, March 7, 2008

My Shabby Birdhouses - Revisited

Someone recently wanted to see my birdhouses and I just didn't feel like doing it but today I do. I'm not sure these are all of them; I might have one or two missing that I gave away but this is pretty much it. I love doing these more than anything in the world, but they didn't sell well for me. Maybe this will spark some interest! Who knows? But I'll continue to make them with the fabulous roses fabrics. I love the ones with icing the most I think. But it is the fabrics that make them so pretty. Only one has my painted roses on it. But they have rhinestones, pearls, ribbons, porcelain roses also, ribbon roses, "frosting or icing on some, silk flowers, lace, mica on the roof of one of them, german glass glitter on one or two and, of course, little birds in their nests.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pink & Blue Cupcake Paintings

Afternoon updaaaaate! Tra la la la....... I added some little roses to them and did a few more in different paper cup colors. Hey, they ain't perfect but they're cute. Well, hubby and I think so anyway. When you can't be great, you be cute!! ;-)

Here we go again! Hah..... Now I'm going to try shabby pastry painting, and trust me, mine are definitely "shabby." I've seen these and love them but thought I'd try them myself instead of paying others! I don't think I have the paper cups quite right but I'm practicing more today to get it "right." What do ya think, chicks???

One practice sheet from this morning.

This is a closeup of the two on the left - pink and blue ones.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Roses & Easter Chick Box

And the winner is:


And I was wondering what in the world I was going to do with all the ruffles I had left over from my aprons!!!! I found a place for them. Maybe more will come. We'll see, chicks! Surprise!!!!!

I made this little box, actually it's a medium box, painted it white and added polka dots and then a bareroot roses fabric ruffle around the bottom. The middle has a paper garland with grass and a ribbon rose and 2 little pink chicks with a mama chick!! It 's not only cute but it would look darling in a romantic cottage!!

Now, what do you have to do to obtain this little cutie? Well, I'm gonna tell ya, chicks. This is a giveaway for spring! All you have to do is post your name on THIS post and I'll draw a name tomorrow morning and that's the winner. What could be easier?! I'm just on a giveaway mood today and this is what I've been working on the last few days.

Now, don't be shy. Just comment on here. You might wanna tell your friends also! We need more than 2 names, chickadees!! Be good to your friend and you may help her win something and then they'll be eternally grateful and maybe they'll even buy you a Dove chocolate bar!! Yummmmmmm...... Good luck, my little chickadees and bunnies!

Oh, you might have noticed that there are 2 signs on the box. Well, actually, my group of PRH chicks are going to enter but it might be won by someone "just passing by"! So if you're not a PRH chick the Chickadee sign will be on there.