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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Secret Gardens

By now I think we're all tired of winter and snow! So I thought I'd raise everyone's spirits by posting some secret green gardens! Think "spring", chickadees!!!

A secret garden with clematis and an old stone bench and tuffs of moss growing up between the old stonework pathway, ferns and lush greenery secreting you away from all the troubles of your world to quietly caress you. Shhhhhhhhhh, quietly meditate, my bunnies and chicks.

A vintage rustic chair and table among the geraniums and lush greenery.

Look at the lace work of this old patio table and chairs. Have you ever seen anything so exquisite?! Just a perfect secluded shaded secret garden. And roses on the table! Does this lady know her priorities or what, chicks????

I love clematis! It is just so beautiful when it climbs a fence or pergola. I like this fence also.

I just thought you'd all enjoy viewing this little patio and tiny yellow cottage. Yellow with the red statuary just stands out here. Adorable, especially with the rhododendrons surrounding the space.

Through the years I've looked at this picture and thought about how I'd love to have an allèe like this one bordered by luscious droopy trees to walk though. This would be the ultimate garden for me.

Just a summer time garden!

Another part of my allèe garden would be this little "echo" of it in another part which I would keep sunny for some roses. ;-)

Water would always figure in somewhere in my perfect garden. What better way than to have a pond with a lazy chair beside it for meditating?!