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Monday, April 29, 2013

Pretty File Folders and French Wire Soap Holders

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In a recent blog post I spoke about pretty file folders and the fact that where my daughter bought the ones for me, Twos Company, doesn't have them anymore and has gone to a different type of items altogether. But I did find some pretty ones on a website called Victoria's Garden Cottage. You might want to go there and see all the lovelies she has. But I suggest you contact her first to make sure she's still in business. Sometimes these shops stop selling but never take down their websites, just make sure.

I also wanted to let you all know where those little French wire soap holders can be purchased. Amazon. Just go there and enter French wire soap holders and they come up. Here's what it looks like. I love the look of them. Very cute.

These are some file folders I saw on Victoria's Garden Cottage. Not very expensive either.

Another pretty ruffled bedspread if you're enticed by them.

While the small white cottage is adorable, it's the profusion of flowers that drew me in with this photo.

Is this a cute bedroom or what? I'm not too sure about a small French door leaning against a bed, but it could be a display in a store.

Can't you just see Greta Garbo or some old movie star leaning back in this sofa? I'd certainly love to have it in my bedroom.

My heart's aflutterin'!!! I'd love to have those drape and that desk. Sigh...

Just different old chairs around this table but I love the look.

Could this be your next vacation? Hmmmm???

A sweet but different house in France. Not sure I'd want to be that close to the street but it's certainly different.

Old stone house, French doors, white lace curtains and a beautiful hanging pot of purple posies. Dreamin'!

Yeah, yeah, I know! It'll never be in my yard though. Absolutely love it, however.

I. Love. This. Pink. Bedroom!

What a cute bedroom for a little girl. From crib to big girl's bed. Miss Caroline just went into a big girl's bed because she said cribs were for babies. It's still her crib, just lowered the springs, different front on it so she can get in but she doesn't know it's her old crib. LOL That kid is such a scream! Truly.

My daughter told me these were ranunculus because I asked. Her response was,
"Have I taught you nothing?!" She's such a scream. I may just kill her!

Just a cute photo because I remember the days of hanging laundry—and real cotton diapers—on the line and loved doing laundry.


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