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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Caramel Apples and Fake Nails

Hubs and I went to the store the other day and on a whim I bought some caramel dip. I was amazed how many apples I ate that day! Do you know how many apples it takes to consume the entire container of caramel dip? So far I've eaten 4 apples and still have some left. Maybe 5 or 6 apples? Hmmmm.

Getting my hair cut recently, I noticed a couple of women coming in for fake nails. There is no way possible those women do work of any kind! I have to file my nails at least once a week to be able to type/keyboard on this computer. Those women had them about 1-1/2 long. And that reminded me of an incident 30 years ago.

Back in the early 1980s, I had them put on for a USMC ball in November of that year. They looked gorgeous. But that night as I was trying to get my contacts out of my eyes I couldn't get my fingers into my eyes. I was in tears wondering how to get them out so I could get to bed that night. (I don't wear contacts anymore at all.) Hubs was absolutely no help because he's got men's fingers and they were too big. (He has gorgeous long beautiful fingers though.) So I had to cut them off that night. I only had them on one day. At the time it was $25 or $30 and that was a lot in 1980 dollars. Then, if  you try to pick your nose, you almost rip your eyeballs out! Never again. These hands work, chick, WORK!

I thought this was a lovely house set out on a bit of acreage you might enjoy seeing. I love the blue metal roof. I wanted one several years ago, but since our roof required over 4,000 s.f., the cost was prohibitive. We settled for shingles.

You will forever see roses on this blog. Forever!!!!

Another sweet respite on a porch.

This is what I've been doing a lot of lately—using pins on making ribbon roses and a ruffled tablecloth.

A very simple, yet lovely, vignette. Why don't you try it?

A lovely picnic or they could be camping. (Shudderrrrr!)

Lovely linens and bottles in purple and lavender.

Now, it looks like the curtains are billowing in a breeze but, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how such a window could be opened. But what a view to wake up to each morning.

I just loved the illumination on this photo from the lights in the house, on the porch and fire in the pit.

Talk about quaint, vintage and rustic, this is it.

A cute radio and a space by the ocean.

Love this tiny space for a crafter.

Darling coin purse. Looks like a crafter made it.

A street in Europe somewhere. Can't see the writing on the canopy well enough to tell if it's in France or Italy though.

And I leave you today with this absolutely stunning roses cake. ;-)