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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I've Also Been Doing This...

It isn't as if I had nothing to do; I do. It's simply that I've wanted one of these banners for a couple of years and just got around to doing one. I also wanted it in the theme of my house so I had to make it as I couldn't find any as froufrou as I wanted. This was very, very simple to do. It is just time consuming to make.

First you have to make a triangle the size you want for a pattern and then cut out each piece after you've selected the fabric from your stash—and we all know I have a stash. Then you sew them together. I decided I wanted the triangles to be pinked so I had to do that. Then I finally sewed them onto a length of double blanket binding. This was after a trip to Joanns to buy the binding. Then roses were added between each flag.

This is the back as I was coming out our patio door.

I used 9 flags varying them from roses to plainer fabrics like stripes and polka dots simply because I love the stripes and polka dots also.

Close-ups of front.

Here I used a piece of a vintage Wilendur tablecloth as the center flag.

The fabrics included Laura Ashley, Robyn Pandolph, Lakehouse. House Inc., Yuwa and Mary Rose. All are gorgeous fabrics and favorites of mine.

Close-ups of back.

You can do this. Just get started with the fabrics of your choice. This one is going in the living room.