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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Greenhurst Nursery #5

There is even a "food section" and this is the real thing. No faux here, chicks. Jams and toppings and sauces.

Now we start for the confectionery section. I could use a few of those in my kitchen, couldn't you?

Cookies that carry the color theme of the season.

Eeeeek!!!! Chocolate: truffles, bonbons, gooey, chewy, creamy and delish!!!!! Yep, I passed it up today! :-( I was a woman on a mission this day and nothing would distract me! :-)

The theme colors for the season were, of course, red and white and green. They were just stocking these shelves in the stationery department and I didn't go down this aisle for not wanting to disturb them too much. But as you can see there is a lot of red in the papers and bags, little planners, boxes and photo storage.

Again, just a hint of the gorgeous paper products available in this section.

Starting into the children's section. Kids absolutely love it in here. Just like a small zoo, playland, candyland, shop for the wee ones. Eye candy like you would NOT believe!

Uuuuuhhhhh, I chose the ones on the right side. They now grace my Reeboks!!! When I got home I switched out my boring white laces for these and people from every store I went into looked at my shoes - a different color lace in each shoe. I am one visible chickee, I tell ya, my little cherubs. Again, I've told you many times - Be Creative and Sassy! - meaning "lively, bold, full of spirit and cheeky"!! Yeaaaah.....

Aprons for the mummys and............................

..........for the kiddies also!! Adorable.

What little girl could possibly be missed wearing these adorable neon rain coats??? Just my style..........STYLE!!!! I don't believe in being boring in my appearance. :-)
And there's still more, chicks!!!!-------------> Watch for it tomorrow.