My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fluff and Stuff

Stuff around the house and what I've been doing recently.

I am sooooo thrilled with how this photo turned out. Just perfect...for me anyway.

I couldn't sleep the other night so I got up and made these little fabric yo-yos and then read for a while to get back to sleep.

I found this tiny little piece of lace a very long time ago and just came across it in my stash. It matched this t-shirt perfectly! Thrilled. Score! I sewed it on and made a little ribbon flower embellishment.

The "C" is back up where it belongs after polka dotting it.

Love Bunny took the strings of lights on the back patio down so he could take the sheer curtains down so I could wash them. I told him I thought I didn't want to put the lights back up out there. He was fine with that. (Can we say THRILLED about that?!) So I put one string up on the top of the grandfather clock to give it a bit of light in that corner and I put 2 strings of those lights on the top of this bookcase and covered them with a lace remnant. It's easy to plug them in and provides mood lighting on that side of the room also.

My first attempt at making these little booties. They've already gone to a new mommy and it's not my granddaughter.