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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Still in California

I now have over 11,300 images on my Pinterest with well over 8,700 followers so you know the images are beautiful. I can post them on there faster than on this blog, so go visit and follow if you'd like. You'll not be disappointed at all the images on there. Promise.

We're in Southern California and will be for several more days. But yesterday we went to the local mall to have sized the watches that were given to us by our son for our 50th wedding anniversary two years ago. We couldn't find any jeweler near us that was qualified to do it! It has to be done by a certified Movada representative, including replacing the battery. If there isn't one available in our area, we'll have to send them out for even a battery change. The woman at the jewelry store said they are very good watches. Little did we know our son would spend so much money on watches for us! But he's a very good son to us and we're blessed to have him. We have incredibly caring children who treat us well.

Anyway, while at the store, I saw a beautiful ring and to make a long story very short, hubby bought it for me. It's an opal center surrounded with tiny diamonds and very gorgeous. Not having a light box for photography, this is the best I could do in the house and I'm not venturing out in this 100° to photograph anything! And I have to admit it looks beautiful on these ol' spotted hands. This is it:

We're heading for this season very soon. I love winter!!!

Simply more pix of the coming season.

I rarely ever see a decorated bottle I don't like and want to emulate. I love decorating and exhibiting them in my house.

While this looks like an upholstery and fabric store, this chair cover is adorable. I'd love to have them but too lazy to figure out how to make them. ;-)

I love white in my house but I truly could not live without color, especially pink. I'll always have color in my home.

These are similar to pizzelles, an Italian cookie I make, but not the shape of most pizzelles. I made some recently and my old pizzelle iron wasn't heating properly so had to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond to find one but still had to order it. It'll be there when I return home soon. My whole family loves pizzelles. This batch had coconut flavoring in them. Next time I'll use vanilla. The traditional recipe has anise, licorice flavoring, in them but I cannot stand the smell or taste of licorice so I use other flavors instead. Very simple to make. I read where one woman makes about 6,000 to 7,000 pizzelles during the Christmas holiday season for her friends. I think I'd start selling them if I had to make that many! That's a LOT and a very long amount of time to make them. They turn out crisp and keep for a very long time also.

See what you can do to an old candelabra that you were, perhaps, going to throw out. Marvelous!

One of my favorite fruits, but this year I've not been able to have any kind of fruit on this diet. Nothing, nada, and I'm drolling over this photo!

I love sweets, any kind. Pastries are probably my favorite. I love pies the best and then donuts and then...well, just anything sweet. LOL

Cherries lookin' good.

I'm not a quilter and have absolutely no desire to be. I don't decorate with the quilts I do have, but this is a very pretty vignette for this homeowner and her pink walls.

A gorgeous little tea set that just happens to coordinate with the chair.

I'll always love the pink and yellow in flowers.

A vintage vignette with a rustic urn similar to one on my front porch. I took blue-green paint and verdigris-ed them and they look beautiful.

Beautiful rose pillows.