My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why I Blog

I bought a new camera today and practiced with it and wanted to show you some eye candy before my "monologue" so here it is first. Now on with the original purpose of this blog post.

For the past couple of weeks I've read some blogs where women are giving up blogging. I wondered why. Oh, I can understand wanting or needing to take a break and I'm the same way. But for me, it's a creative outlet. One doesn't have too many "creative outlets" in a smallish town in southwestern Idaho! Trust me. It's a different world from the California life style we were used to. Don't get me wrong; I love Idaho and wouldn't move from it but it's a wee bit behind what we're used to. I truly DO love it here.

But I need a creative outlet - always did and always will. Blogging is my creative outlet. It hones my writing skills and my photography skills. I was the worst photographer before digital cameras were invented but they are improving dramatically! I love being in touch with the rest of the world and I do that with blogging. I love looking at arts and crafts and beautiful rooms and eye candy. I love creating beautiful things. I never buy anything that isn't useful or beautiful for my home - NEVER! If it gives me pleasure and makes me smile and/or is lovely, then it's mine.

I like meeting new people and sharing ideas. That is so easily done on the internet. AND as my daughter puts it so succinctly "virtual friends relationships" are much easier to maintain. She's absolutely correct in that! While I love lunch with the girls once in a while I do get that with a group of women from my church every month or so and that's great. (Feed me and I'll follow you anywhere!). But they might not meet a certain need that others on the internet can provide. That's why I love blogging with so many different kinds of people who share a kindred spirit with me. Plus I love encouraging and uplifting people and I think I do it well on my blog as others have emailed me and relayed their feelings about this.

I see blogs that blog about one thing, and one thing only, but that's not me. Ooooh, I love those blogs and visit them frequently but I have too much in this brain to blog about that to only blog about one thing isn't going to "do it" for me. I want to "get it all out" I guess. I want to uplift and encourage, share my random thoughts and musings (that may be redundant, not sure!), share my home that is very special to me, share my creations, share my town, share my life (limits, of course) and share our zaniness, humor and wit with all who can stand it. So I'm of the "don't subscribe to just one thing" type of blog. Frankly, there is so much to blog about I doubt if I'll live long enough to do it all! And yessssss, I live my life in "exclamation points"! I even talk that way, chicks. I'm just an intense and lively energetic person.

I don't want to change the world; I just want to be happy and to help others be happy with what they DO have and not lust for things that are of no importance in the scheme of things. Simply put, I blog because it gives me pleasure and makes me happy and to think it makes others happy just puts icing on my cupcakes!

A rose in one of my bouquets in my home. Enjoy. ;-)