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Monday, February 2, 2009

Princess Photoshoot

Miss Susie QqqqqqQQQQQ over where little rabbits play has been giving me such a delight with Kipper, the ice cream eatin' wonder dog, that I decided to do it with a real baby! I have laughed my head off at the antics of KipperrRRRrrrr that it's been hard not to.....uuuuuhhh, how do I say this........uhhhh, make it to "le bain" in time. She is just too funny. So now here is Miss Alina and her mummy being very indulgent with me while I photograph her in various poses and captioning it with a bit of humor. It's a wonder this little pink kidlet has any skin left from all my smooches on that gorgeous tiny face. I just about wore the "new" off her! So enjoy our day of photographing her to share with you, chicks. Hah........