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Monday, March 24, 2008

A Sweet Collection

I collect a lot of "things" - especially if it is "eye candy"! Hmmm, I've never collected husbands though - still on the first after 47 years. Anyway, no matter. I do have several collections. My sweet hubby, Jack, would tell you that my fabric collection tops the list, but truthfully, I've seen women with far more fabric than I have! Mine is just a drop in the hat compared by my sister-in-law's stash.

But I love beautiful pitchers. I have more than these below but these are the prettiest ones. So I thought I'd show you some of them. I decided to group them together as collections should be. I don't always follow my own advice but in this instance it does present quite a show.

This is a burgundy lacquered sofa table in my small "entry way" and that term I use loosely because you're right in my living room when you enter - the effects of downsizing, but much, much easier to clean this house than the last one which was about 3 times as large. So I put them on there as a group.

The one on the left is a MacKenzie-Childs look-alike and that's why I bought it. I love their pitchers but this one was a fraction of the cost. The little blue one, 2nd from left, is a darling blue raised fruit pitcher. The 3rd from left is a majolica one I purchased on ebay several years ago and when I received it and opened the box I actually gasped at the beauty of it. So did Jack! It is stunning in real life. The 4th from left is covered with roses; therefore, I had to have it! The 3rd from the right is just an adorable one with a polka dot bow and a rose but very unusual looking. The 2nd from right is again roses but the colors are a bit unusual but it has a graceful feminine line and so it had to be in my home! The 2nd from the right is also a very unusual one because of the top part which is flowers but the bottom almost looks like a basket weave and the handle reminds me of a twisted rope. The vase on the right is an unusual color of green - almost lime - but it is also lovely and had to be in my home also.

So enjoy the close ups below that I've put on here for you to see.

The little "boxes" are another thing I love to collect. Those I got at Macy's, which is my favorite store in the world.

The little bowl on the left matches the pitcher so I just filled it with faux grass and added roses to it. I'm a rosy kinda chick!! Hah......