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Friday, December 19, 2008

Random Thoughts Before Christmas

I've been thinking randomly today as I bake cookies and some thoughts come to my mind. Yeah, it's dangerous for me to be doing cooking. All sorts of things come to mind!! Hahhh.......

An outstanding woman or man will take loss graciously; a truly great outstanding woman or man will take a WIN graciously. I've done both at times and smiled and actually meant it even through the hurt.

Sometimes it pays to "whine" and sometimes it doesn't. The secret is to know which is which.

Does it truly matter if the cookies you're giving to friends at holidays are baked from scratch or from the store bought dough? The love still is there when you give them to your loved ones and they can still "smell" the love.

I think of our Savior much of the time during these holidays. I wonder if he's happy with us forgetting the real reason and how it must make Him sad for some of us to not know Him at all. What's wrong with telling your kids that Christmas will be a bit less this year because of the economy? My parents did it and hubs' parents did it and a lot of other parents have done it years ago. But today it isn't just "keeping up" with the Jones', it's trying to "pass" the Jones'. Let's live within our income and see how much happier we are. The only thing that goes in that box that takes us out of this world is our bodies. Everything else stays here except for our families. I'm just grateful they give me a set of clothes and don't bury me in the nude like I came into this world! Frightening thought, huh? ;-)

There isn't an ex-football player alive that doesn't live on ibuprofen or some form of pain killers! I wonder if it was worth all the money they make to live the majority of their lives like that. It wouldn't be for me. I know a man who would give all he has to have his health back and he's very serious when he says that.

I think the worst job would have to be secret service agent. They're prepared to "take a bullet" for someone they're perhaps not in awe of. That must be true love. But then I'd "take a bullet" for Love Bunny in a heartbeat. Oh, wait a minute, maybe there is one worst job - proctologist.

Why don't they food companies list all the "spices" on the labels? It just says "spices" but there may be a "spice" that someone is allergic to. (Egads, another sentence ending in a preposition!)

Airlines now ask the passengers on the plane if there is anyone allergic to peanuts. If one person out of 300 says yes then they don't pass out the snacks. Makes one wonder why they simply don't switch to pretzels or cheezits, which are a lot cheaper. And what happened to all those people who were allergic to peanuts before they started asking the question? Hmmmm??? Here the majority truly is the minority.

And now for the "eye candy" if you'd care to even call it that!! Hahhh..... Pictures of me as a child.

My cousin and me on our "new" car in California in the early 40s. I'm sitting on the tire well.

I always seem to have the same scowl on my face in all my photos.

Okay, they caught me with a smile this time! ;-)

Back to the scowl. My baby sister and brother in Texas in the 50s.

That silly smile again in a school photo somewhere in the 40s.
At a very early age I detested having my picture taken. "Get that camera outta this face!!!"

Living in Hawaii in the 40s. Aren't those quonset huts just the "shabbiest" thing going?!?!?!
Hope you enjoyed the trip down "Nostalgia Lane" today........