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Monday, April 20, 2009

Embellishing T-Shirts

A week or so ago I went shopping at one of the large retailers around here and found some darling tank tops with lace. I bought several of different colors and a couple more pinks that didn't have the lace on them. Now, I am never seen in sleeveless clothing at any time but I knew I could cover them up with a blouse, sweater or jacket so I made th' leap, chicks. But they were such a good deal—normally $16.00 each on sale for 2 for $15.00 so how could I go wrong. I wanted to embellish the plain ones so I stopped at Joanns to find more lace to put on the plain ones and this is how they turned out. See the 2nd photo.

I couldn't find any red lace for the red tank top so I just put on white with pink ribbon running through it. Then on the far left one I hand sewed a tiny lace and added a ribbon rose. See how you can be creative when you want to be. Also, I'll never ever see another chick in that particular top! I hate it when I see another dress I have on someone else. That's why I usually shop online or get things in California when we go visit the kids. Plus I sew dresses and that's a guarantee I'll never see them on another person and be embarrassed because they look so much better in them than I do!! *Smile* It's rare that I'll see anyone in the same thing now.

These tank tops can be worn under a V-neck sweater in the winter also. Layering is one of my favorite things to do in winter.

Ooooh, and that one on the left? That's what I was wearing when I took these pix, so you can imagine what I'm in taking these pix—my camisole top! And if that doesn't send ya running from the room screaming then nothing will, I guarantee ya!! *Wink, wink*.........