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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Reaching My Decision on Dining Chairs

I haven't been blogging as much lately as I'm doing the exercises for sciatica and reading a lot. Today I'm going to go shopping. I need some new tops and hubby complimented me on a new one I bought last week so I'm going to go buy some new ones. At my age I am not a clothes horse anymore. I just wear what covers my body modestly and get on with it. I also bought a new leather chair for our family room as my physical therapist and others say I need a firmer seat than the one I'm in now provides. Okay, buying a new chair isn't a problem for ME! But firmness is essential for back muscles.

I'll try and be more diligent about posting as I love blogging but it isn't my whole life. This is the only thing I could think of to post today and I thought you'd like to see some pretty chairs done up right. :-)

This was pretty with the large "flowers" tied with a wraparound fabric.

Sweet but not quite what I wanted either.

This was getting more like what I wanted. Remember, I'm a froufrou girl. ;-)

Tying ribbons on for this effect would have taken a lot of ribbon and I was trying for more froufrou than this so it wasn't quite right either.

This is lovely but wouldn't have worked as I wanted to cover most of the chair.

Can't you just see these being stepped on all the time? Of course, I could have made them shorter. Nah, beautiful but not quite right either.

I even considered something like this. This would have been simple and easy to make but I wanted something fancier. This would be great for patio chairs however.

This got me to thinking about 2 separate things for the chair. Something clicked here.

And this also got something clicking.

I used feather boas on some of my lamps and always have a few extra boas around just in case. I'll use a coupon from Joanns to have a small stockpile around. You never know when inspiration will hit and will involve boas and feathers!

This was a real consideration as I like it a lot but I thought on it some more.

This would have been easy also.

This is darling and it would have involved a bit of sewing. Beautiful table and chairs and seat covers. My two new ones are rounded high in the seat like this. But in the end I found some really pretty pink covers at Bed, Bath and Beyond. That involved NO sewing for me and that was a huge plus.

I loved this cover and this chair. The back of my new vintage chairs were not this lovely though. Two of my French chairs have cane on the seat and back, but not the two new craigslist find.

These are gorgeous but I really didn't want to make this many ruffles and sew that much.

So in the end this is what I did to the chairs. You can see the whole blog about redoing the chairs here. A tiny bit of sewing for the tops of the 2 chairs and that was it. Very simple.

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