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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some Friends Returned from Zimbabwe

We had some friends who had recently returned from a mission in Zimbabwe over for dinner a few nights ago. He brought his computer with a slideshow of their mission for us to see. They loved their mission of 18 months, but said it was definitely time to come home. They did, however, go on a couple of safaris and loved that. They also dearly loved the people of that country. It was quite an experience though.

All the senior couple missionaries lived in a small area with tiny houses close together and were warned to not travel alone, to try and always travel with other couples. The doors and all the windows had bars on them with locks. They were told by their Mission President to be sure and keep them locked at all times unless coming or going. They also had their generator fenced and locked as it would have been stolen immediately. The car also was kept in a locked garage. They were told to never leave anything in the car, whether locked or unlocked. They didn't but one couple locked their computer in their car and it was stolen immediately. The country is very, very poor. Nothing like what we experience in this country. Even the poorest here have more than the poor over there. It's very sad, but they are a happy people in spite of it. They even told us of a village called Landfill People. Yep, it was in a garbage dump. People actually lived there in cardboard boxes right among the trash around them. It was certainly heart rending to see that kind of existence.

But two things happened that turned out to be miracles.

The first one was Thanksgiving and the senior missionary couples fixed dinner for about 100 young missionaries. They wanted to have gravy and someone made it in their home. When Connie (our friends are Connie and Paul) looked in the pot that was about 10-12" tall and not big around, she saw about a third of that pot was full. Well, there was no way that was going to feed 100 missionaries who wanted gravy on their turkey and mashed potatoes. Connie prayed quickly with a lot of hope. When all the missionaries and everyone else finished going through the buffet line, she looked into the pot and there were about 2 or 3 cups left! She said there was no way humanly possible for that to have happened. She was in shock. And all the diners partook of the gravy liberally!

Then another time they were to hand out 300 loaves of bread in the back of their truck to the people. When they saw the long, long line of people wanting bread, Connie told Paul there was no way they would be able to have enough bread for them all. She again agonized on what they would do. Another woman told her to just start handing them out to each person in line and when it was gone, it was gone. Nothing they could do. Again, she prayed. When the end of the line came, and it was a very long line estimated to be about 500, she looked in the back of the truck and there were 5 loaves of bread in there. She was astounded. I think I would have been also, but I do know prayer works.

What can I say about this dining room? Gorgeous and perfect for the lovers of French style.

I just like the colors and style of the plates. Just a gorgeous setting.

I love this color of aqua or verdigris. Stunning.

A lively vignette with all kinds of color.

Another beautiful setting for an intimate dinner with friends.

This pretty house just struck me as very friendly with the lights glowing from within.

I don't think I've ever seen a chair like this but I'd sure love to find some.

The chairs at the table are exactly like mine with the chair covers over them. Of course, I do love that huge island and its magnificent color.

A cute bunch of flowers brought in from the garden.

While the headboard is very unusual, it still strikes a nice decorating note in this bedroom.

Such a teensy cute kitchen.

Lots of candy colors here.

If only I had this many chandeliers to hand in my windows!

Some beautiful handmade crafts. Darling!

I also display all my aprons in my kitchen. I actually use them also.


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