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Monday, March 18, 2013

A Duh Moment

I've recently been reflecting on prayer. I need to know more about it. I've been meaning to ask my friend if she had a book on prayer that I could borrow but hadn't gotten around to it. I think my prayers lately—or maybe for a long time have been—well, for lack of better words—not very prayerful, just repetitious. I need improvement.

My calling in our ward is doing the ward bulletin. I love it! It's the best job ever, especially for someone who loves computers; it doesn't take a lot of time and I can be a certain degree. ;-)

But recently I was given the topic for the next Sunday, which I usually put on the front of the bulletin with some scripture or talk from our Church magazine, just to jazz it up a bit and be more interesting. I researched some General Conference talks on the subject and asked my friend for some advice. I finally found a very short story to put on the front of the bulletin.

Then at church that day, two new members of our ward were speaking. They gave fantastic talks, really great. I was still thinking about my conundrum in the first paragraph above when I got home that afternoon. Then a lightning bolt hit me!

The subject on the front of the bulletin, my search for something reflecting the topic and the talks that day at church were...are you ready for this?! PRAYER!

It didn't hit me until I got home from Church that Sunday that I had been searching for the very thing I was confused about and didn't particularly learn from it. It was a very huge DUH moment for me. I could hardly believe all this went over my head. I suppose I ought to be more reflective and pay more attention to things. I felt like an idiot, too.

This is the chair I'm going to buy from Ethan Allen. I love this chair and it will go nicely in my living room.

My 2 French dining chairs are being painted and hubs is adding a cushion to it before I put the cover on them that I made out of drop cloth fabric. I need to paint them white also.

For those of you who had fathers, grandfathers, sons or brothers in Europe in World War II, these are the beaches of Normandy. The American soldier's were dropped on the sand in boats. The Germans were at the top of those cliffs killing them faster than they could get to safety. It was sixty years ago but I remember my parents, grandparents talking about it. The American boys and men had no chance of overtaking them from down below. It was a slaughter but we finally won the war. I also give thanks to all the brave soldiers who fought hard for our freedom. They are my heroes.

What a darling little daybed.

You could probably do this easy in a back yard. Shower off before you come in from the beach or pool. I think it's great!

Beautiful flower garden.

Exquisite up-close shot of a flower.

All pink and beautiful living room.

I have a chandelier that I wrapped the old candle sleeves with paper and they came out sweet.

Venice streets. I don't think I'd care to live on the water like that. It was certainly be damp and moldy.

This camper really looks like a tiny house.

Another nice and bright caravan.

This is Ralph Lauren's caravan. He like the ruggedness in his.

Another one all froufrou-ed up with napkins, tablecloths, banners and afghans.

This almost looks like a rock star's caravan but it is done up in style.

At General Motors, the cost of health care for employees now exceeds the cost of steel for cars.