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Friday, October 30, 2009

Introducing My 1st Marie Antoinette Doll

Recently while participating in Natasha's "It's All About Me" party I thought of all the Marie Antoinette dolls and dress forms that had been froufrou-ed up and have admired them for ever so long—not Marie Antoinette especially but the decadence of the gowns. I've wanted to do one for a couple of years now but never seemed to find the time, forms(!) or the creativity in my head to do one. Since I participated in the party I then thought enough time has passed to do one and started on it recently.

As will happen in cases like this I've become addicted to making these little dress forms froufrou-y and am going to do a few more but this is the first of them.

I used some vintage lace and some Laura Ashley trellis fabric for her skirt. The bodice is pink and white polka dots and rick rack with a rose on the top. I sewed on faux pearls to the skirt, added some lovely embroidered lace around her waist and let it drape over the open skirt and topped it with a ribbon. I think Marie would be proud to wear it...maybe. I love it!