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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pink Saturday 10/4/08 - Curtains, Window Seat Cover

I spent the morning a few days ago determining what this room needed. I'm a big advocate of fabric on windows. I know some of you aren't because you love openness but I LOVE texture on my windows. So I ran out and bought these. (I know!! I could have made them but I'm soooooo into instant gratification!! LOL) So I fan pleated them together just with my hands and tied a ribbon around them and hung them on a picture hanger to the side of the window. I don't want to obscure the pretty white woodwork. I'm also a tad "different" when it comes to decorating. I do my own "style", but it works for me and my family. All in all about 5 minutes from start to finish.......after buying them, of course.

Okay........on to the next thing on the list of getting this room "up and running"!! The border of ivy has come down and the painting of the room pink will begin maybe next week. Then a frieze of roses will go around the top of the room. I've put a pink toile cover on the window seat cushion and some pillows that I made and never sold. But they look beautiful there. I'm thinking of a small table in front of the window. Can't you just imagine sitting here and watching the first snow fall of the winter while sipping a cup of hot chocolate, my favorite winter time drink?!? Sigh..........

Then I must get busy and make a cover for the printer stand (just out of view and on the left of window), which is actually a microwave stand doing double duty! Never throw anything away; it can be used in some other way almost every time. LOL I'm jazzed and on a roll now, chicks!! Still needs a few more details though.