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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Just Rambling Today

Okay, I’ve been a bit lazy lately.I woke up last Monday in an absolutely euphoric mood. It was odd but I got a lot done with my hubby. Getting back on track is a slow process but it’s happening. What have I been doing? Well, for the most part I’m being a slug watching trashy videos on Netflix on my iPad. I love not having commercials but since we gave up television 20 years ago it’s not something in my life but it truly is great watching old things without any commercials.

I especially like Poirot and Foyle’s War, two British series taking place in the early 40s. The costumes are so much more modest than the modern day movies. I got hooked on Burn Notice. There is so much action and comedy in it I wish there were more to watch. Great series. But Sherlock is absolutely the best series I’ve ever seen. Everything about that series went well, the cinema effects, actors getting along with each other so well, action, the main character being very talented playing a high functioning psycho. Just delightful.

Then of course the grand girls being here for Thanksgiving and having them be so funny with their antics and sayings was a true delight.

Miss C told her mother that her baby sister is a little nutcracker in the moonlight of her heart. (Where does she come up with this things?!)

Then her mummy saw her crying out in the yard because a bee was chasing her and told her mum that she forgot how to survive.

One day her mum was telling her about dinosaurs because she was interested after I sent her a link for a diorama of the NY museum on dinosaurs. She was fascinated with dinosaurs then so her mum was trying to tell her anything she could about them. I think it got a bit quirky because Miss C then told her mom to “get a grip, Mum. This isn’t funny. It’s about dinosaurs.” She comes up with the strangest things.

Her mum was telling us in her preschool the teachers were telling her that Miss C knew a lot of words. Miss C said, “No, mummy, I have a large vocabulary.” This kid will never have a self esteem problem! :-)

Lately she’s been punctuating her sentences with “don’t you know” every time she tells us something. Sigh…..

Anyway, she’s a delight to us but I think she’s gonna be a handful as a teenager.

I've been a bit nostalgic lately since we're scaling down the "junk" in our house.

I'm seriously thinking of Ethan Allen and another new chair for our family room.

I've always liked pink and green together, but my favorite color combo is pink and a beautiful shade of yellow such as the yellow in the French settee in the photo above.

One of my best friends would love this room. She's more into traditional decorating.

For being so small I like this kitchen a lot. Perhaps it's the open door to the patio and the pink accessories.

See, eye candy can be real candy also! I'm been chowing down on Mounds bars a lot lately. I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth lately!

I truly like this elevated dining room. The rest of the house must be gorgeous also.

I am ALL about froufrou and netting!!

Another room my friend would like also. Her hubby loves when they go to the woods and rent a cabin. It's the only time he gets rest being the manager of a large store.

I've always had a fondness for this color of blue. Back in the 50s and 60s we called this French Blue.

This looks as if it could be an English home. Comfy and pretty.

What can I say about this beautiful nook in a kitchen? I love the color and the window treatment.

Okay, ladies, it's a gorgeous home but would you really want to clean it or replace the roof when needed?

I have 3 of these tiny birdcages in my home and put flowers in them. One hangs over our garden tub in our bathroom, one in our bedroom and one in our family room hanging in a corner.

I love the colors in that chair and the blue of the leather sofa. I do like to have a leather chair in our home also.