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Friday, June 14, 2013

A "Spa" Day and Retail Therapy ;-)

One Sunday recently I didn't go to church. My stomach wasn't feeling all that well so I stayed home. When hubby got home, I lamented about aging and the "not feeling so great" days we endure. He tried to cheer me up with a kiss and hug but I needed something else. So I told him if I was feeling up to it the next day, I was going to Sephora and getting my face made up. (I was and I did!) I also warned him it wouldn't be cheap. He knew that!

The little sweet young woman helping put on my new face was a cutie, and that always gets to us older women remembering how cute/pretty/beautiful and tight-skinned we were 50 years ago. But I truly don't lament the aging process that much. I know it's inevitable for everyone on this earth. Facelifts? Not for this woman. When they sag, it's an overnight/all at once thing for them. I want it to take years for people to get used to seeing me age, not one day looking old and the next looking like a Hollywood hag with slanted eyes and puffed-up lips.

So I got a wonderful moisturizer called Ole Henriksen, Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation, Stroke of Light concealer, 2 brushes, shimmering lip gloss, a free sample of eye lash injection (???) mascara and 4 free samples of Coach Poppy and Coach Poppy Flower perfume (smelled wonderful!!!). May buy some of it; it is that great. And my daughter has a number of Coach purses and loves Coach.

I didn't particularly see much difference except my dry skin felt wonderfully moisturized and under those harsh department store lights we all look horrid. But when I got home and hubby came home later, I asked him how I looked. He said, "Great." He's such a good liar. ;-) But I felt better all the way around just being pampered for an hour and a half, plus spending a chunk of money to the tune of $176.00! Retail Therapy? You bet! And since the first foundation she picked out to try on my skin didn't look good to her or me, she had me wipe it all off and started again with another brand. (I had heard of makeup called HD and Forever Makeup and wanted to try that but she said it was too drying for my skin. Knowledge she had but I didn't.) I couldn't have done that if I had bought what I thought I wanted, brought it home and didn't know how to apply it properly. I probably would have just have stuck it in the back of the cabinet and not used it ever again. She was free and experimented with different things. I liked that and absolutely felt pampered. No manicure, pedicure or massage could have done what she did. And I'm worth it! :-) Well, I think so.

This is simply a gorgeous room and looks so clean and white. I, however, need some color in my rooms. But I still love this room!

A sweet idea for an Easter wreath, but I think you could leave it out all year round, especially in your house.

I like how the owner has a window and shade at the end of her table. It looks like she's delineating her dining area from her living area. Quite fanciful. I do that with lace curtains and love that look also.

Isn't this a sweet room for a young girl? If I had a little girl now, I'd try to replicate this Princess room for her. My daughter, however, is 51 years old! Hmmmm, she still would like this room I think. :-)

Another way to separate a dining area from another area: beautiful vintage doors. Of course, I'm lusting after that ruffled tablecloth!

An absolutely gorgeous dining room with pale lavender walls, blue and pink accessories. Beautiful!

A sweet painting of an English thatched roof cottage.

Beautiful dining room with a harlequin design painted on top and a saying on the side. Chairs are gorgeous also.

While these are pretty to observe, I'm not sure I'd want to live over water. Are there fish in there? Is it damp and smelly to the homeowners? Looking through the upper windows though it looks lovely, but why are there some serious bars on the first floor windows on all these buildings? You can just barely see the bars on the left window here.

What a lovely setting of table, beautiful old chair and basket to hold roses.

Speaking of roses, could it get much better than this gorgeous vase and dozens of roses? WOW!!!

Darling, darling, DARLING tiny potting area done right.

I think I've been on a dining room kick lately! Another beautiful one.

Now, is this a house on an island with only this bridge to get to it or is it there as another entrance? Cute though.

This is another look at a house I've shown earlier that had this little sitting area off the kitchen. What a lovely house. I think it must be in another country though, perhaps Australia. They have beautiful houses over there and some of the most amazing light.


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