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Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Quiet Day for Me

A friend in my eBay group made this for me. I tell you they spoil me rotten! Kates, my nickname for her, does silk ribbon embroidery and the most elegant things. I can't even begin to thank her for this little mitten she made. It is on my pink and white tree this year.

These little wreaths are easy to make. Wrap a foam wreath with white ribbon. Then make the flowers out of any color wired ribbon you want. I've done wired ribbon flowers for years. Strip the wire from one side and shape into a round flower and attach to the wreath. Glue on and then add a sparkly button to the center. Lastly, add a length of ribbon for hanging and add something like this button for a little pizzazz and hang.

This one you could make by cutting 4" x 4" little squares of felt with pinking shears, taking a screwdriver and carefully sticking them in a straw wreath and adding whatever embellishments you'd like. Use any color you want.