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Friday, April 12, 2013

Just Some Thoughts Today 4/12/2013

I recently lamented to th' hubs that when I used to work—full time—in California I was able to do this on Saturday: wash clothes, vacuum, dust, mop, grocery shop, have dinner on the table for the 4 of us and have all the clothes put away in that one day. Now, it takes me 3-4 days just to do the laundry. He, sarcastically, said, "That's because you let it sit in the dryer for days." Smart..." Well, you know what I'm saying. He's right of course. I'm just not as young as I used to be. ;-)

If you lived in San Diego in the 60s as we did, you might remember Chicken Delight. I don't think they exist in most areas of the U.S. anymore but I absolutely loved their food, plus they delivered, which for a stay-at-home mom at that time was a Godsend! They delivered the food to your home on plates at no extra cost. I usually ordered the fish because I just love fish. It was so convenient and good I can't figure out why they now exist only in Canada.

As I've said many times before, I read. A LOT! Recently, I found a few new authors with action-packed stories. I love them!!!! What some of those heroes can do in 24 hours is astounding. Kill killer whales about to eat their friends, have a hover craft race to get away from the bad guys (this alone was about 30 pages long!), fall over an ice cliff, get to an iceberg, discover an old U.S. station there and get back to the mainland, in this case Antarctica, rescue multiple of their comrades, kill multiple of the enemy, swim through the Antarctica water to rescue multiple people, and SURVIVE! It was the most thrilling adventure book I've ever read.

I also read a book about a rich young man in a private school trying to impress his father. It was really a sweet book. But the thing that struck me is that when his mother died, life went on as they had a maid/housekeeper to keep things going. So there were no disruptions in his life as most people losing a mother would have. They still got their meals at dinner, wash was done, beds were made, etc. He realized he didn't have the concept of how life would go on after his mother died as a school mate did when his mother died. Life went on as usual. Thought provoking.

I simply loved this photo enough to show you.

And this peaceful deck looks like a nice place to sit.

Do I even have to tell you how much I like this settee? Hmmmm? ;-)

And this little vignette is adorable. Looks like it could be a store.

A beautiful pillow on a beautiful chair.

Now this is a flea market but I'd go camping...maybe...if I had this. Maybe!

The most gorgeous ceiling I've ever seen.

Isn't this cute for soap? I wonder where you would find these little wire holders.

Gorgeous roses.

My dishes drying never look this cute.


Isn't this clever as a light?

Just pretty pillows for you to view.

Gorgeous box with roses.

This looks like a crown swap. It's absolutely stunning to me.

Accident-prone Orlando Bloom has broken his skull three times, both legs, a finger, a toe, a rib, an arm, a wrist, his nose, and his back.
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