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Sunday, January 8, 2012

All This Talk of Other Countries

I've noticed much talk about other countries on the blogs: things French, things Italian, things English and such that I've decided to do some posts about living in other countries. Personally, I love seeing photos of other countries and having visited other countries I just cannot imagine living anywhere else but the USA. I know most of you love to travel and wish you could travel more, but with some first hand knowledge of living there I find I'm happy just exactly where I am. But more of that later. First, let's visit a typical middle class home in France. Second, be happy where you are and for what you do have. I am.

In this photo I'm intrigued by what they've done with the ceiling. I've never seen a ruffle hanging from there before but I kind of like it.

Stone walls and floors in the bedroom would make for a very cold bedroom I'd think but with the fireplace it wouldn't be so bad. And, lots of ambiance!

When we moved into our house, which was brand new, and noticed how all the plumbing worked so well that we could turn on both showers, the washing machine, dishwasher, flush toilets all at one time and still not notice a bit of drop in the pressure, I was sold on new construction. I doubt I would ever be happy in an old fixer upper or old plumbing. I had enough of that in our last house!

Very sweet vignette in the bath.

I'm not too sure I'd want a living/sitting room this rectangular though.

I do like the round top doors though.

Wine cellar? Only the French. ;-)

Lovely bedroom for visitors.

Neighborhood markets would capture my attention also.

The view from the house across the lush valley.

Beautiful walkways but I don't think I'd want to be climbing up and down daily. I'd guess the whole village must be in great shape from the meandering streets.

This little place in the yard would certainly be a blessing though.

Beautiful views just walking in the evening.

But tell me, how do the cars navigate on such narrow streets?

My brother-in-law and his wife lived in Italy and Belgium. When they lived in Italy they had to go out and buy cabinets for the apartment they rented. When Italians rent an apartment or house, it comes with absolutely nothing except maybe a toilet. There is no flooring. There are no kitchen cabinets. And when they had a broken window it took weeks to get it replaced. They just don't have Home Depots there to go in and get a piece of glass. I've forgotten most of what they told us it was like but I think they were glad to get out of there.

Here is an account from a friend that lived there:

We lived in Italy and it was not a walk in the park. It was poor, lots of stealing going on. It was not the dream I imagined it would be. I was thrown into a big, old, dirty, filthy city and it was hard for those 3 years. The food was wonderful. The traveling was a blast, but I would not want to live there again. And oh, the healthcare was horrid. It was scary to go into the hospitals. They are like 3rd world countries, just didn't feel sanitary or clean like what we have here. And they don't make appointments. They wait for first come, first served. You have to bring your own bed linens, nightgowns and food. You bathe the patient; they don't. And they sandwich them all into a room like sardines, not a pretty sight. Yeah, I love where we live here in the good ol' U.S.A.!