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Sunday, December 14, 2008

My World of Treasures

Welcome to Cielo's World of Treasures Party. Go visit all the women who are participating in this wonderful party. Lots of beauty, treasures and eye candy. I want to thank that chickee, Cielo, profusely for all the work she has done on this one. It is a major undertaking when holding one of these events. Thank you, sweetpea!!!

I am truly blessed with many treasures. My family is my greatest treasure with hubs #1 on the list, of course. My kids rate right up there just after their father. But for treasured "things" it would have to be several things. First would have to be a spongeware bowl I purchased at Macy's many years ago. I love this bowl so much that I'd try to find it to carry out if a disaster occurred in my home. I've never been one to wear much jewelry and have given a lot of it to our kids because they'll inherit it one day anyway. But occasionally I'll get something from the women in my ebay group. I once admired a bracelet from Katie and she sent it to me. I have an exquisite charm from Sharon - a teeny tiny hand painted roses charm. A teacup hand painted ornament from Rhea is very special to me as they hang on my chandelier to remind me of her.

The next treasures are roses. I adore them and collect many different kinds. I've been given ceramic roses. I've bought paper roses, ceramic roses, silk roses and a rubbery kind of rose that looks exactly like the real thing! I've also made clay roses. Take a look at some today.

Katie's bracelet and a bird nest with roses that I've tried my hand at painting.

Little jar lids I've painted on.

Spongeware bowl I cherish.

My very first hand painted roses. Pretty sad but I love them as they are my first.

A coffee filter rose I made. These are labor intensive and will make more some day.

Another bird nest I painted for sale but no one bought it. Their loss! I like it!!!

Some mulberry tree roses I bought and will craft with them soon........

These are a kind of rubbery paper rose but you cannot tell them from the real thing. Simply gorgeous.

Silk ribbon ones I made for my lamp shade.

More silk roses that look and feel absolutely real - just like the real thing!

A satin rose I made for a curtain tie up.

Another ribbon rose made from a polka dot ribbon that I use as a tie up.

Same thing again, but used 2 different ribbon colors. Used as a tie up for a lace curtain.

Paper roses for a lamp shade.

Exquisite little hand painted charm given to me by a friend, Sharon.