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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pink Saturday 1/28/2012

Welcome once again to my favorite day of the week for blogging. Go visit with Beverly at her blog for all the wonderful pink items that will fill your heart with joy. You can then visit all the participants. Enjoy.


I'm feeling just like the old Lily Tomlin character, Ernestine. Remember her, the very prissy telephone operator? I'm not prissy, but I'm sitting here with my headset on connecting me to a phone while helping people connect with their Family Search. I AM LOVING THIS!! It is just so much fun to listen to people's problems and trying to help them...while I can blog. Who knew this would be right up my alley?

While sitting here I can surf the net finding lovely photos to share. While I won't do this every single day, as I prefer to post photos I take, I will do it periodically and sometimes with comments and sometimes not. It depends on how busy this phone line is. Today, not so busy.

I love this old metal room divider. It is gorgeous, open so that views aren't obstructed and certainly my style of decorating. Be still my heart. If only I could find one cheap, but I doubt they're cheap anymore. But I use a set of lace curtains to frame our family room from our dining area. It shows nicely. It's feminine, in style with my home and takes the hard edges off the archway.

Pink walls, white trim, pink sofa, red chair. It all spells beautiful to me.

My kind of room, feminine, soft, white and pink and a gorgeous french door.

We have an old trunk similar to what this looks like, but it's really a USMC field desk that hubby acquired many years ago. It's been painted burgundy, gray and white, the last color being white, but it is sitting out on our front porch just waiting to be given away to the thrift store. After seeing this delightful arrangement, I may just bring it back in and use it in the family room as a coffee table. I'd need to apply a new coat of paint though.

What grabbed me in this photo was the lovely ruffled tablecloth AND the french chairs. I want some french chairs from Ethan Allen but I just hate to spend the money right now. While sitting here I decided to peruse Craigslist. What is it about "oak dining chairs" that sends Idahoans into a swoon? Yes, I'm a transplant from the San Francisco bay area and love it here, but oak seems to be the furniture de jour here in Idaho. There is a plethora of oak dining chairs but nothing in french, shabby chic or anything remotely that I'd want.

Now, this little chest reminds me of one I found somewhere, can't remember exactly where, but I painted the sides and then added a lovely roses fabric to the drawers by dipping it in starch and just applying. It's held on there for the last several years and is still doing just fine. A cheap pizzazz-y redo! This one, however, looks like it is done with fancy papers. I absolutely love what she did to this. Darling

I think I'll leave you with just this for today.