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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Loud-Mouthed Cell Phone Users

Technology. Love it. Cell phones. Hate them.

I rarely ever use my cell phone. I keep it for emergencies if I'm in the car and have car trouble or need to call hubby if I'm alone. It's really just a security measure for me. Going out to eat in restaurants and listening to the loud-mouthed man/woman at the next table is an affront to us all who want to dine in peace and quiet. Or going to a store, waiting in line, and a loud-mouthed woman gives her whole love life/history/latest battle with the kids, etc., you know what I'm talking about, to her friend on the phone in the loudest voice on the cell phone. I'm really, really danged tired of it. The next time that happens I just may confront the person on bothering those of us who do NOT want to hear her problems loudly discussed while waiting to buy something. It's rude, offensive, obnoxious and disgusting to me. If you're guilty of this, stop it. Now.

Now, Love Bunny and I both have cells. As I've said, mine is rarely on, but I am on our land line sometimes and hubs will walk into the room on his cell phone while I'm talking. It doesn't do for 2 people in the same room to be on phones at the same time.

The other day he did it and I screamed at him that I was on the phone. Three times! I mean shouted out loudly. He later said he didn't notice I was on the phone, but I don't see how he could miss it. I had to shout 3 times and that's embarrassing to have to do it while he's talking business with someone, but this has got to stop. The person entering the room, usually him, should vacate the room asap. We'll have this discussion again as he tends to forget when he's concentrating on the phone but I've had enough of it. Especially the loud-mouthed women in the register lines at the stores. And restaurants? I won't even go there. I think these people just want to show they're "important." Well, don't do it in my space, guys. You impress me but it's a negative impression I'm getting. As I've said, two people cannot be in the same room when both are on cell phones!!!! Rant over. For now!

Oh, but there is one good point to cell phones: I call him on it when he's in another room, in the garage or outside in the yard, instead of yelling. (I learned this from my son because he has such a large house and called his wife from the family room when she was upstairs in the bedrooms.) Hubs has hearing aids but doesn't use them much, usually for church or when I insist. He talks much softer when they're in. Otherwise, I repeat myself several times. Losing hearing is a factor in aging but his was caused mostly being in the Marines and taking recruits shooting. He made them wear ear suppressors but he didn't. When we're young, we never think of that. But rock bands probably have absolutely lost most of their hearing. It does take its toll on our ears. Be very careful.

Yes, I love this bedroom also.

Darling way to display kitchen items.

What a cute bottle. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.

Another romantic cottage on the water. Sigh...

The hangers are what drew my attention.

My kind of way to gift wrap—PINK!

A "sweet" luncheon.

Just some more eye candy with roses on the letter holder and tulips in the pitcher for you.

A bit of lace curtains on the window.

Lovely balcony with lots of flowers around it.

What a gorgeous building. Not sure where it is though.

Colorful little sitting area with lots of bold colors.

Not roses, but the name escapes me for now.

An idyllic little spot to sit and read. Very unique hanging lamp.

More eye candy for ya, chicks!