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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pink Pine Cones

A friend of mine is doing a series of photos of Victorian Christmas' through this whole month. It is "eye candy" for sure. So won't you please go visit her at Aunt May's Cottage.

Upon running into a friend at Costco the other day, she listened to me lament about pine cones not being available much in our area at the moment. She then told me she picked up a bag of good sized cones at Goodwill for me the previous day! Bless that chick's heart. She blessed me with this bag of them and I spent the afternoon outside in 20° weather painting them pink. This is after a spritzing of one heavy coat. Another coat or two and a "bit more froufrou" on them and they'll be ready for the pink and white Christmas tree.

And here they are after the final 2 coats. I put the paint on heavily since there could be no mistake. I mean, how can you mess up painting a pine cone, huh? Turned out gorgeous I think. Next, the froufrou ribbon and roses.

Ya know, it just might happen this year!

Fini, mes amis! Que pensez-vous? (Finished, my friends. What think you?)

And here they are all glittered up. I even sprayed the little roses. They really do glitter and sparkle!

The glue I used is a spray glue for glitter.

Random Thought:

While traveling recently I thought of something I've wanted to mention to you for some time now. I've traveled extensively in my car with a mug to refill at any gas station available. BUT several years ago I realized how we are at the mercy of the taste buds of the man who regulates the Coke machines. Sometimes it is very sweet (That's my favorite!) and sometimes it's very soda-y. So my taste is determined by that guy who probably drinks beer more than Coke??? Hmmmmph. Oooooooh, this applies to the restaurants also, chicks. I can feel a Revolution coming on!!!