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Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Day in the Life of Me At Christmas Time

I have mentioned this before but I'll say it again: I schedule my posts in advance most of the time. This post was done on 12/18/08 and will appear in a few days or so. Just for your reference as to the time frame.

Today there were quite a lot of things on my To Do list as you can see from my note that I would carry in my pocket as I went about them. My first stop was the bookstore and it started snowing while I was in there. Luckily it stopped soon after but I scurried around trying to get it done and be sitting in my nice warm home before the snow started seriously flying!

Baking cookies for Love Bunny to take to his people that he Home Teaches for our church was high on my list. Okay, all you feminists, just hold yer horses thar while I explain........or try to explain.

He loves to cook and bake but I had the house all neat and tidy and for him to bake would just be a bit frightful for me at this moment in time because he doesn't clean to my standards. Men even dribble their wet hands on the floor - among other things. So it's easier for me to do it while I'm home all day than for him to do it later at night. I try to help him but he really likes to tell the widows that he baked the cookies by himself. Okay, I'll lie and tell them he did the cookies, but it was less work for me to do it than for him to bake them AND clean up. There, you have one of my secrets!! ;-)

Fresh from the oven and cooling..........

Nothing says lovin' like somethin' from the oven............ Ummmm, can't you just smell them backing?!

Now, do you see all those packages of chicken breasts? Well, they had to be sealed in the vacuum bags but they had been purchased frozen. So I had to thaw them out just a bit to be able to separate them and to seal them in amounts we would eat for one meal. That was one of the other things on my list.

I needed a sugar fix to fortify me while baking and playing around with the chickens, so Wal Mart (for some forgotten rolls, couple cans of pink paint and a magazine) was a stop along the way! I also hit Walgreen's and Jack in the box for 2 gift cards for 2 youngest grandsons.

Last batch out of the oven. Looking and smelling wonderful, chicks..........

Now, while baking and vacuum sealing, the mail arrived and in it was this very unexpected scarf with her special roses embroidered on it from Gina in Wa. You could have knocked me over with a feather, I tell ya. But isn't it lovely?! Does that chickee know me or what, ladies?!?!?! She does indeed. A little scripture book marker accompanied it along with a sweet card from her.

Oh, and one of the TOP things on that list was to shave my legs!! Mission accomplished!