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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lunch with th' Girls

The winner of the giveaway was Jeanne of Backyard Neighbor. Get in contact with me, Jeanne, and I'll get it off to you asap.

Three of us girls went to lunch the other day. We aged from 50 to 70 years of age but we still consider ourselves girls, just with more experience than 16 year-olds...well, most of the time. ;-) We had a wonderful time. I've not been so picked-up and jazzed in a long time and definitely needed it and so did each of them due to family matters.

We went to a very small girlie cafe in our small downtown. It's a boutique kind of place where they sell cutesie items, have tea, breakfast and lunch. We closed the place down. They're only open until 3pm and we noticed them bringing in the table and chair from the outside in as we sat near a window, so we thought it was time to go.

 The food is very good and the atmosphere is like your grandmother's dining room. Soft lighting, different tables and chairs all around, tablecloths on some tables and privacy.

We each talked about home, hubbies and kids a bit, what's going on in their lives. One woman's hubby is just out of a serious physical problem and getting back on his feet. One woman, whose hubby is a pediatrician and the bishop of our ward talked about her upcoming events—sending a daughter off to college— and wondering what she can do to keep herself busy when the next two leave home, which will be several years yet till the youngest is gone but she's planning for the future, which I think is a good thing. Some women are lost without their kids. I'm not one of them; I enjoy the freedom of being with Love Bunny more than anything since we got pregnant within 2 months of our wedding. We've always had kids! ;-) I love them and the grandkids and great grandkids, but I love my hubby more and want to be with him more.

Then we got to talking about books. Well, that took up about an hour and a half as we're all voracious readers. We each had recommendations for the other so we'll see how they like some of the books I read. All-in-all, a very relaxing, fun day for all of us. We've committed to try and do it once a month. Maybe add a 4th person, maybe not. We'll see.

This would have been a great place to lunch also.

The flowers would have pulled me in, but the ladyfingers were a plus on this one.

I love the color of these flowers: periwinkle. I've always loved blue, but not as much as pink.

I know, I know, you want this backyard. So do I! Beautiful.

I'll bet none of you know what this is. Well, I'm here to tell ya! It's a fortune teller's hut. Isn't that interesting? I find it adorable. She even has her wood stacked outside. What a lovely place. I'm betting it's in Romania though and not the U.S.

Gorgeous pale pink roses.

A neatly organized kitchen sink area.

You want atmosphere? This woman got it with no trouble at all. Even the building adds to it with the crumbling stone walls.

This little ottoman reminded me of Mary Kaiser ottomans. I've always loved them, just didn't know if I wanted to spend the money to buy one.

I have some of the fabrics pictured here. Maybe I'll make my pillowcases instead of buying them. These certainly look cuter than the ones I buy. Actually, I'm sitting on a pillow case I made from a beautiful toile I bought from a place in NYC, online of course.

Can pin cushions get any cuter? I have one someone sent me as a swap gift years ago. It's a sugar bowl actually and decorated darling and I do keep my craft pins in it. This one I love because of the fabric in the cup.

Forget the beautiful chest and cabinet, I'll just take the pies. I love pie!

A cozy place to relax.

Lacy cupcakes!

I do like this space but it was that lamp that drew me in. I love those kinds of lamps for reading and crafting. I have 2 pink ones. One over my sewing machine and one on my craft table and they give the greatest light that can be directed just exactly where you want it. I don't know if they make them anymore but I sure would like one for a floor lamp, just exactly like this one but on the floor for my reading. I use a pharmacist's lamp now and it works well, but nothing like these old lamps from the 70s.


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