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Monday, June 10, 2013

My Hunt for the Best New Chair

Here's the story of my hunt for a new chair.

First of all, Juliette has 2 teeth now. This is great granddaughter #2.

This is one of the fabrics I was thinking about putting on the Lucien chair I wanted. When I showed it to my friend, she said, "It looks like you." I said, "Does that mean I'm cute?" :-) She said, "Yes."    :-)

This one was a serious consideration after seeing it done up in a darling bedroom at Ethan Allen in Boise.

While I loved this red fabric, it wasn't even close to the same red in my other chair so it wouldn't work.

My final choice. It's a bit French-looking also, which was a plus. I like a little bit of the French look in my home. The fabric is ideal also. It's almost burlap feel and look, but very substantial with a grade of "heavy duty" so it'll stand up to grandkids and great grandkids.

When I saw this ad in the a local high-end store in Boise, I almost cried. It's pretty much like the sofa I was considering at Ethan Allen, but went with another one instead. This one is priced at less than half the other sofa though.

That would NOT have been the color I would have chosen though. I am not into browns in any way.

Then I found other sofas while looking for a chair. Isn't this one darling? Reminds me of Pierre Deux fabrics and style.

I loved the style of this sofa and the whole room actually, but then I do love "Traditional" decor.

This one looks comfy also. We have so many choices that it's hard to select just one.

There isn't just any one thing I like about this room but put together, I love it. I think it's absolutely stunning.

This isn't an Ethan Allen chair but I would have chosen this fabric in a heartbeat; however, I have no clue where to find this fabric.

This one is gorgeous also but I like a cushion seat.

This sofa is so much like mine it's uncanny. Now, I can look at this and see how 2 of my current sofa, now in the family room, would have looked if I could get 2 sofas in my living room. I can't. It's just not big enough.

This would have been one I'd have seriously considered if it was available to me. But I love fringe on a sofa and I love that pink with the yellow walls. My sofa leans toward the yellows and my walls are pink. I love it though.

The average woman will spend 8 years of her life shopping.