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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Greenhurst Nursery #6

First of all, chickees, I'd like to show you the roses I'm preparing to put in my sewing/craft room. You like??? The room is in a shambles at the moment but you'll be seeing more pix of it later. It's getting its coat of PINK paint tomorrow. Squeeeeeeeeal!!

Okay okay, here's a pix of what it looked like today. It's bad, sweet cherubs, really bad!


We haven't even gotten to the best part of Greenhurst Nursery yet!! Wait till you see. Ooooh, are you gonna love it. I just may go back in the next day or so to get close up pictures of their special "kitchen" section.

Looking out the front door over to some farmer's field and a house just across the street.

Foyer as you enter and straight ahead is the cashier's area.

A close up of the little witch sitting on a chair in the foyer. It's still done in halloween theme but they're preparing for the Christmas redo to be done very shortly. Isn't she just so chic?!?! ;-) Even has her purse on - Dooney & Bourke, no doubt. ;-)

Off to the right of the foyer. It's getting a redo also so I didn't get any pictures in this room. Chains draped over the shelving, in buckets and on the windows. Scarey, chicks.

Larger view of the right corner of foyer.

"Spooky chandelier" hanging there. Ooooooooo, scared me, chicks!! LOL Gobblies and ghosties and spiders.........ooooooooooooo

Looking to left of foyer just entering the "kiddy" room. I love what they've done with the wire cages here. These people are so creative!! Looks like snake skins wrapped around the "dead trees."

Another shot of the "kiddy room" entry to the left. Notice the witch in the bird cage hanging from the ceiling.

I love the pink feather boa! A zebra skin strung up and just visible above the boa is a pink witches hat!! Squeeeeeeealing with de-fright!! Ooooooooo...... ;-)

Instead of totally boring you with all inside shots, I've included this picture of one of the roses in their stock. I would love to have this rose bush. It just looks so gorgeous. I probably will have it before the next summer. Hubssssssss...........are you listening to me.......uuuuhhhhhh, reading this, I mean........

Remember.......we're not even 1/2 way through yet! Much more to see. You're gonna be surprised and love it! Hahahahahah......ooooooooooo.......not so scary coming up, sweet cherubs!