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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Better Things To Do????

One would think I definitely had better things to do, but some days you just want to be mindless. Right? Right! This was one of those days. Love Bunny and I went to WM and to Costco for a few things. By the time we got home out of a rain downpour with SNOW—yes, snow—I just wanted to veg out with mindless things. You know what I mean—the kind of thing you just don't have to put much intent or thought into. This was the result: a little shallow bowl in my guest bath with soaps in it. Now, these are not ordinary soaps; they are gift soaps with the most awesome scents you've ever smelled plus 2 gift soaps from my friend, Jenn. They are over a year old but still fragrance up that bath. Also, I thought the little bowl needed to be elevated to its regal position on a pedestal on the countertop. What think you, chicks?