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Monday, October 15, 2012

Don't You Just Love Doctor Appointments?

A few months ago, I had an issue with my left leg—I think this is left over from a fall I took over 2 years ago at a nearby lake. I've had a shooting pain from the top of my leg to my knee at times. But it was annoying so I set up an appointment with a spine institute in Boise and went in for an initial appointment and an MRI.

Now, I am meticulous at keeping appointments and hubs even puts them in his iPhone for me and I put them on the calendar with the appointment card from the doctor's office. The first visit I waited for a very long time in the waiting room and then the "receptionist with an attiTUDE" told me they were backed up that day and could I come back another time. I was very nice and said I could and set up the appointment. Then I had to have the "other" surgery. I thought I could make it to the appointment to get the results of the MRI, but I phoned in and scheduled another time because I was still loopy on the pain killers. A guy changed it for me. Then he called a couple of weeks later and rescheduled because my doctor was going on vacation. That was not a problem for me at all. Then I go in and the "receptionist with an attiTUDE" for the appointment (third time) said I wasn't scheduled for an appointment that day. I said I had the appointment scheduled with a guy and could she check further. The "receptionist with an attiTUDE" insisted she was right. I could barely contain my anger at her. I almost asked her if I could speak to her privately so I didn't tear her apart in the crowded waiting room. But I contained my anger and scheduled another appointment. I went and it was fine, but I told th' hubs if they screwed this one up I wasn't going back. How can an office run on such inefficiency, plus have a "receptionist with attiTUDE"? I'm not known for patience most of the time but I am a nice person, just don't push that envelope too far. ;-) Spine? All I needed was a shot of cortizone in a certain area and that should take care of it. I told her I'd think about it as it wasn't particularly bad that day at all. But truly, I just want to visit with the "receptionist with attiTUDE" one. more. time. ;-)

Then I went to my general surgeon for a minor thing and love them at that office. They love me so much they said, "Would you like a job here?" I said, "You couldn't afford me." I make them laugh so much and uplift them to the point they want me to stay. But, hey, I really don't want to work. I love being home and having my time to myself.

What a delightful red kitchen. It is in another country though.

Lovin' these purple blooms.

Another thatched cottage, very unusual shape though. I had a lot of fun in Ireland staying in a thatched bed and breakfast.

Cupcake anyone? :-)

This is one of the most beautiful blue bedrooms I've ever seen. Just gorgeous.

A lovely setting for a romantic dinner.

A cute display of small suitcases, a birdhouse and pretty wallpaper.

Now, this is a tent for camping! It has 3 rooms. I'd go camping in this in a heart beat. Mattresses and everything.

Aaaaawww, a little pumpkin carriage lamp. How sweet.

A beautifully wrapped gift of a pink scarf with french written all over it.

Romantic outing by a river, done right.

Just a beautiful pink, white and green flower.

Okay, here's one of my favorite pink and white striped rooms with my favorite Apple MacBook. How could I resist this one? Hahaha.

Isn't this gorgeous?

Hat boxes come in all sorts of pretty colors. I just happen to like these pink striped ones.