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Friday, April 4, 2008

Treasures I Found Today!! :-)

I went shopppppinnng today!!!!!! Take a look at just some of the neat things I got.

I saw these green glass stones in a mesh bag and then in a pretty container at the store and knew I had to have them. I love the sea green glass color. Jack said, "You're going to buy those rocks?" Yes, Love Bunny, I am and don't even ask why because I haven't thought on it yet, but they'll be gorgeous no matter where I, your wife, puts them. Well, then that necessitated a stop at Home Depot for some things he needed - screws, straps, pieces of this and that and some such stuff that definitely isn't as wonderful as MY stuff. I waited in the car and listened to the radio while he shopped. Of course I lost my cell phone in the car and couldn't find it but Jack did when he came out. Sigh............

Then I found this darling little birdbath with the little birds on it in this gorgeous verdigris color. That is one of my favorite colors. It looks like your outside copper hose outlet that has turned a tad green/blue and rusty. I know you've seen it but this is darling with some roses I put in it to photograph. I may add something else or maybe more roses.

This is a closer shot of it from higher.

Oh be still my reckless heart!!!! I love this little "window" and I got it for 1/2 off!! What an unexpected pleasure. Jack is hanging it in our living room over the couch in the morning. It's wood and metal with a verdigri medallion in the middle and looks so pretty with the metal scrollwork. Tomorrow more treasures!