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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Red Polka Dot Oil Cloth

Oil cloth is very hard to find anymore. Oh, they have the stuff they call oil cloth but is isn't true oil cloth. The kind you find in stores now is mostly vinyl with a flannel backing, not truly oil cloth. Cheap, cheap, cheap! And I should know since I'm from the generation that used the real stuff. However, I have found it in various places and almost despaired of ever finding it again...and then I came across a blogger who was putting some on her dining room table. Well, lo and behold, I thought I'd go to the vendor she bought hers from and see if it was the real thing.

This is a piece I've had for about 25 years now and I love it but I wanted something lighter and more whimsical. Now, if you look closely you can see—and I can certainly feel—the difference of the webbing on the back on that snippet of white on the right side.

This is a piece I've had for maybe 15 years. While it's true oil cloth, its back is smooth. Oh, still strong but not the webbing usually associated with oil cloth. And while, it's still functional, it's getting stained badly from the paints I use.
This is the new oil cloth I just received from OilClothAddict on etsy. She has the loveliest array of this product I've ever seen. It's still a bit different on its underside but definitely a kind of web there. It is, however, heads and tails above the vinyl/flannel backed junk you find in stores now. In fact, it's wonderful. I love the whimsy of red polka dots. I believe she had pink polka dots but I wanted the red.
So I put it on my studio craft table today and here's how it looks at night with the lights on.

And this is in the daytime. Isn't it just marvelous?

She sent along a few sample of others available. If you try it, you'll love it and won't ever go back to that cheap stuff again.

I had a small rectangular piece left over so I put it on our dining table, and I think it looks wonderful there. A bit of whimsy
with the elegant chandelier when placed rakishly sideways on the table to cover our places where we eat.

And if you go to etsy, check out my store on there also! You won't be sorry.