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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Tipping Point

I got the urge to clean out my filing cabinet recently; actually, I've been thinking about it for a year at least, but it was just time this day to get my bumpkis in gear and do it. I can't find anything I need to find anymore since we moved here and just started throwing stuff in the cabinet knowing we'd get to it in a few months. It's been 7 years! I pulled Love Bunny in here to help me to know what we could throw out and shred, what was necessary to keep and what we needed to do with some other stuff. He shredded papers for about 3 hours. The shredder stopped 3 times because it was overheating, but he finally got it all shredded and other stuff to the garbage can. It was a productive day for me.

I also have a filing cabinet drawer with things I've been saving for 20 some years from magazines. It was fun looking through them and seeing the old decorating styles and I fully intend to show you. I have to scan them first and that'll take me a while so maybe in a week or two I'll have that blog post ready. I couldn't do all of them because I had hundreds and scans don't come out very well. But I'm still going to show you several that I think you'll love and enjoy.

My concern now is that I have taken so much out of the bottom drawer that it will make the top drawer a bit heavy and tip over. It's a low light wood cabinet that can hold 2 rows of files in each drawer. It just has to be counter-weighted so I don't break my toes if I open the top and it falls out onto my foot. Hubs assures me it's alright but I don't trust him sometimes. ;-) They're my feet! Here it is:

So if I can do this, y'all can do it. Get busy and get organized around your home. It is such a good feeling to finally get this done.

I love hydrangeas almost as much as I love roses. These are a stunning vivid pink. Beautiful!

This room is an idyllic place.

Cute chair covers. I'm needing new dining chairs but they'll have to be put on hold for a while.

Just eye candy I love.

Quaint way to wash the bounty from your garden.

Pink ruffles! Wonder what it is—a petticoat or a bed skirt.

A sweet sun room/dining room. I should be so lucky.

More hydrangeas and a sweet place to relax.

This cute picnic spot is adorable.

A sweet thatched cottage in the UK.

I really like this old rustic cupboard and the painting above it. The colors are gorgeous.

I saw this in a magazine a long time ago. I always wished I could duplicate the area on our patio but it just isn't feasible for us. I loved it though.

Another sweet spot.

Charming little vignette of kitchen items. I can tell from the labels on the cans though that it isn't in the US.

Just another adorable space to show you. Many more to come also. :-)
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