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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Genealogy Work

I recently decided to get involved more fully with my genealogy. It's something our Church not only recommends but encourages us mightily to do. Even our young men and women, with their technological skills far exceeding most of their parents and most certainly their grandparents (present company excluded—ME!), are being asked, encouraged and instructed to do some genealogy. Since I have genealogists on both sides of my family they've done a great deal of it for me, so all I have to do is get it into my own genealogy program on my Mac.

My father's side of my family doesn't want to give me anything because I'm LDS, but one cousin in Wyoming has been more than willing to share. He's been a sweetheart and sent me a lot of stuff. My problem has been finding a genealogy program for Mac that will sync with newFamilySearch. So I've been testing out 2 genealogy software programs, both Mac programs. I'm liking one over the other much better because it's got a beautiful, elegant interface and is much more user-friendly.
Remember, I'm new at this so user-friendly is important. Plus the owner has given me a key to use free for 30 days to see if it is compatible with newFamilySearch. And he's available to help me with questions about syncing with the Church.

So I joined their forum to chat with other users. Immediately I get slammed for doing temple work for my ancestors. I never in my life experienced any prejudice before joining the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints—LDS or Mormon Church are common names for it. In the forum I suggested an option that would be beneficial to members of the Church. (Every programmer likes and welcomes ideas for improvements to their software applications. I've even been asked to be a Beta tester for Apple!! But I refused since I didn't think Apple was ready for me and my humor.) Immediately 2 women objected to it. I was going to respond but I decided to take the high road and not get into a contentious argument on a forum. I did receive a post, and subsequently an email, from one woman who lives in Israel and she wants to go forward without rancor and I agree with her. She and I are of "like mind" on this issue and I'm hoping to become her friend in all this. It's about doing genealogy after all, not causing contention. I've been involved with many forums and have never had a problem until now. But it was not nice. I'm just going to continue as if nothing happened as I seek their help with working on my own genealogy. And besides, I'm a very positive and not a nasty person. ;-)

So now let's look at some beautiful photos.

I think this little tree could be used for Easter or Valentine's Day or a birthday party just as well as Christmas. I think it's darling.

The view, bloggers, just look at that view!

This could quite possibly be that cabin in the Catskills but I don't know. No matter, it's still gorgeous.

Quite cute for storing kitchen stuff but it could also be a place for craft supplies.

Dream...I like the idea of a beautiful sheet behind the headboard.

I found this little dress on etsy but when I went back to purchase one for Miss Caroline, I could not find it. I was so disappointed. I searched and searched there but nothing came up even remotely as cute as these little dresses. And yes, I checked my history. Just couldn't find it.

Cute bathroom probably somewhere in England.

Aren't these adorable? Probably Cath Kidston but I don't know.

Yeah, yeah, we all want one of these. I know, I know.

This looks like a loft in a big city from the view out the window. Otherwise, I'd say it was in Texas.

We must respect the other fellow's religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.