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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Bit of Blogging

While I've been busy, I've also been a bit lethargic about life lately. Try as I may, I cannot seem to get interested in much of anything for several months now. Bear with me while I ramble a bit.

Yes, missing in action for a while, but I'll be blogging more soon. Which reminds me of something I've been seeing lately—not as much blogging around the internet. I've noticed it with myself and definitely with others. I've cut my favorites severely since I'm tired of seeing the same ol' stuff going on. I'm tired of simply viewing a blog that is promoting its owner's merchandise or viewing the same vignettes 20 times or setting tables with different plates or promoting "sponsors" on their blog. To me, it's just plain boring. They can absolutely do anything they want, but I'm choosing to stay away from those blogs.

I've not gotten over watching videos on my Mac laptop since the surgery in April. I now know I've got to give it up. I'm not doing the things I need to be doing in life.

I've taken a 2 month leave of absence from my mission to deal with some personal things like the dreaded colonoscopy. Yuck! But it will soon be over. Then if that isn't enough, my left knee has been hurting. My son and hubby say it could be from the surgery on the right foot and the stress it puts on the left leg. This coming Friday will be my last day for PT on the foot/heel so I'm glad for that, and, yes, it has helped. I'll continue doing it at home though because the Achillles Tendon is still a bit tight.

So that's put me on a downward spiral with life. BUT this week I decided to get my backside in gear and do something around the house. I'm not one to change frequently, or change a lot, but I do change things.

For instance, notice the sofa below. I took off the slipcover to wash it (the skirt was filthy from visitor's shoes) and decided to leave it off for a while. I'm so glad I bought a washable slipcover; it washed beautifully but we had to spread it over 4 lawn chairs to dry it since it was so large and heavy for the dryer. I didn't want it to shrink either. But it was so big and heavy it took 2 loads to do it and even that was dicey! I also cut it down to 3 pillows instead of the 5 I had on there.

That sofa is almost 20 years old and still looks new. I just love it!

Then I decided I've got to get rid of some things in this house. So in our bedroom was a little footstool I had covered with a beautiful Waverly print years ago. I took it off when we moved here and stored the little footstool up in the attic. Last summer Love Bunny brought it down and parked it next to his bedside table. It's been there "holding" his clothes each night. It was just sitting there looking pathetic in its foam, soft stuffing covering and muslin that I thought I'd make another cover for it. Wasn't I just saying "get rid of some stuff"?! Sigh...

Well, one day I noticed a Battenburg lace small tablecloth I had stashed away and wondered if it would fit over it. Voilá, it fit just fine to cover the padding and muslin so I used some upholstery tacks to simply tack it. It took me all of 5 minutes to have a new little stool to have as an extra seat or a stool on which to prop one's feet on. Washable also! So now I don't have to sew least until I want to sew, which brings us to the next problem.

This sad and sorry looking craft and sewing room, which we're using more for food storage now. It's looked like this for almost a year. I usually just close the door and forget about it. There was way too much stuff in it. The antique school desk had to go. We took it out and it's now on Craigslist. I simply didn't have room OR need it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was an impulse buyer that day. I've curbed my spending dramatically!!!

I'll get to this before Christmas because I can feel my zeal coming back slowly. ;-)

A few roses from my garden today. They're still blooming. Aren't they just lovely? What would life be without beautiful flowers? God is so good to us!

If you've stayed with me this far on this post, thank you! I do tend to chat/ramble on too much. ;-)