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Sunday, July 20, 2008

This is Scary, Dudettes!

The name of the catalog is Soft Surroundings.

I've mentioned this before. Love Bunny and I have a special arrangement. He goes to model railroad conventions with me in tow, of course, or his model RR club here in town on wednesday nights for an hour or so and on saturdays for most of the day. It's his relaxation and I try to promote him relaxing. HOWEVER, my part in this is that I get to go and "spend money"!! Squeeeeeeallll, my sweet chicks!! :-) Well, that's exactly what I did today.

(An aside here explaining "dudettes":
One day when my oldest grandson - now 24 - was about 4 or 5 years old, he called me "Dude." I calmly looked at him and corrected him politely: That's "Dudette" to you, Adam. He mostly calls me Nana but if he slips and calls me "Dude", I remind him it's "Dudette." I am, after all, a girl/chick! *Smile* No political correctness in this family whatsoever!) Anyway, back to spending money.

As I was in WM today I spied this little mirror that said it magnifies 15x. Well, kiss my grits, if that ain't special! I took off my "reading" glasses and held it to my face and took a look. I just about tossed my cookies right there in the cosmetic aisle of WM!! Talk about scary! Whooooooa, chicks! Hooooo.... Since I can't see up close without my reading glasses and I can't pluck my eyebrows except if the errant hair is falling in my eyes it startled me so badly I slowly lowered the mirror to my chin and lo and behold there was a close up of what all the peeps in WM were seeing - chin hairs! It was nasty, I tell ya, n a s t y!! If you doubt me, check out the pix below. My nose, my "frosted" hair (interpretation: gray among the ash brown!) and those green eyes. You can even see the soft peach fuzz on my nose! No, in the 3rd pix the long hairs aren't my brows that's actually my short fluffy hair. And just YOU try photographing yourself in a magnified mirror while holding it with the camera to the side or top of your head and see how easy this is.........NOT!!

Okay, on to "prettier" things! Whew......... I get a catalog from a company I've bought from before and just love it. My bed cover is like the one in the 1st pix below and I just love it. It's soooo dreamy and ethereal. Out of this world loveliness.

But as I've said before I love pink and golden yellow together and the 2nd pix is a lovely throw in that catalog, which is simply "eye candy" for home furnishings and clothes and high end makeup.

This is another absolutely stunning bed covering also. So thin and lacy looking that it almost looks like it's barely there. And the shams?!?!? Gorgeously pleated.

And this is a pix of the curtains. Again, soft and airy looking. Aren't they just gorgeous? I'd love to have them but I'm bottomed out on sheers and lace curtains. Hmmmmmm, well, we'll see!
That's it for now.......gotta go pluck my eyebrows and shave my chin hairs. Yeoooowwww.........