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Monday, January 19, 2009

Can I Live Without These?!

I was chatting with hubs this afternoon and was wondering out loud at one point: can I live without some of this stuff? The answer is obviously "yes", but then again would I want to pass it up and never see it again? Nuuuuuuu, so I may be buying some of this stuff soon. Not a lot just a thing or two.

Pink eggs? Yep!

Bunnies and chicks togetherrrrRRRrrrrr!!! My favorites......uh hmmmm, and which my ebay group will understand a little bit better in the next month or so. *Wink*

Anybody paint candles like this???? Let me know and you've got a sale, chickee....I seriously want some polka dot candles.

Squeeeeeeeeeeeal, is this not gorgeous for those packets of Equal????

Okay, let's get real about these plates. I don't know about most of you but if I put my food on a plate like this my tablecloth would be a disaster even more so than usual. It usually ends up on the cloth without any holes in the plate or even better yet, my chest! So how in the world do you put food on there without it dripping through. I'll pass on these plates. Not practical for a slob........ME.

I'm getting ideas for a cute gift here, little cherubs. *Wink*


I don't know about where you live but if this was sitting on most porches it wouldn't be there for long. It's so cute but I'd be afraid the kids in the neighborhood would wanna steal it......and I live in a GOOD neighborhood!

Gorgeous planters.

These are what I'm giving serious consideration to buying. How could I NOT buy pink beads for a jar–even for just eye candy?!

These have given me another idea for gifts. I don't know if I'll ever get to it though. Too much else going on in this chick's life, ya know........*Sigh*............