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Friday, July 2, 2010

I Got Lost on My Way to the Forum...I Mean Urn

I said I was going to seek out another urn to balance out the 2 plant shelves in my living room. On my way to buy an urn I got sidetracked by a couple of small containers. Excuse me while I cry.

Okay. much better now. I just couldn't pass up these 2 darling pots. The verdigris one is metal.

But this little stone honey is the most delicate shade of blue that I just fell in love with it and had a 50% coupon so you know what I did...bought it also in lieu of the urn.

I feel another trip to the store or nursery coming on. Excuse me...

Oooooh, and yes, I climbed on a ladder to take these pix! See what I do for you chicks.